Have You Heard

  Have you heard a leader can only take one road of two, road to betterment or road to destruction. Have you heard of John F. Kennedy? He lead a competition against Russia for outer space and inspired Americans to dream of going to the moon and possibly Mars. Have you heard of Martin Luther … More Have You Heard

"Holes Fit for Roses"

  are writing poems about you.   This poem was written for me.    You are a social being, you see the good even in the darkest corners of mankind. Here is the poem we wrote for you:================== — “Holes Fit for Roses” —My heart is imperfectFull of holes and armsThat stretch out to othersIn … More "Holes Fit for Roses"

Distraction 101-A Devotion To Forefathers/Grant Davis

  A Devotion To Forefathers-Grant Davis   Today I walk among the headstones-‘ Silence is broken only by the call of the whippoorwill calling to its mate. I read the epitaphs and then I wonder of these vintage dates, could these have died in vain? Since the hardships of the times were heavy And they … More Distraction 101-A Devotion To Forefathers/Grant Davis