A True Hero

  Do you think the old man in the video is a hero? Do you think the old man did what was right in looking for his grandson or son? Can you imagine the ending of the video actually happening?

My Daily Musing’s Heroes Are-An American Hero, Actor, And Songwriter, Audie L. Murphy

  Next to John Wayne, Audie L. Murphy is another American Icon. He won many awards for his bravery in World War 11 even the French gave Audie L. Murphy an award. He was became an actor at James Cagney’s invitation. James Cagney saw Murphy’s photo on the cover of Life Magazine and though he … More My Daily Musing’s Heroes Are-An American Hero, Actor, And Songwriter, Audie L. Murphy

Audie L. Murphy-Legacy

The Audie Murphy Patriotism Award is named in honor of Murphy. The award is annually presented to an outstanding American person or group who exemplifies the true ‘Spirit of America’. A veterans hospital in San Antonio, Texas was dedicated on November 17, 1973. It was named Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital. There is a … More Audie L. Murphy-Legacy

Audie L. Murphy-Death

On May 28, 1971, just after noon, Murphy was killed when his private plane crashed into Brush Mountain near Catawba, Virginia. His pilot and four other passengers were killed also. In 1974, a large granite memorial marker was put near the crash site. On June 7, 1971, Murphy was buried at Arlington National Cemetery with … More Audie L. Murphy-Death

Audie L. Murphy-Personal Life

In 1945, Murphy married Wanda Hendrix. They divorced in 1951. After wards, Murphy married former airline stewardess, Pamela Archer. Murphy and Pamela had two children, Terrance Michael “Terry” Murphy and James Shannon “Skipper” Murphy. Murphy’s sons were named after two of his friends, Terry Hunt and James “Skipper” Cherry. Murphy was a successful actor, businessman, … More Audie L. Murphy-Personal Life