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  Politico: Unpopular Obama Clings to ‘Hard-Line Position’ in Debt Ceiling Gamble NY Mag Writer Mocks WWII Veterans Barred from D.C. Memorial Dems Block Bills to Reopen National Parks, VA WWII Veterans Plan To Storm Lincoln Memorial Today, Closed Due To Obama Admin Pettiness There’s a Man Running Across the Country With a Giant American … More My Article Read (10-2-2013) (10-3-2013)

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  Christianity Becoming Extinct In Its Birthplace. Federal Agencies On A ‘Use It Or Lose It’ Spending Spree CNN Cancels Hillary Clinton Film Liberal White-Hating Professor Beaten By Blacks In Harlem Video: NY Times: NSA Spying On Americans Using Social Media Connections What’s the 2,700-Year-Old Gift the U.S. Reportedly Gave Iran’s President That’s Worth Over … More My Article Read (9-30-2013) (10-1-2013)