It Is Soapbox Time.



I really am sick of it.What is it? People complaining about the Charlotteville Riots. People complaining about Confederate statues being taken. Others have complained about antifa trying to rewrite history, etc. This is just on Facebook.When is doing something going to become more of a trend?

If one wants change, one has to be the change. It is that plain and simple but is also a scary step at the same time. I made suggestions before like here, here, and here. It is all common sense and using one’s brain. It getting out of “do nothing” mode to a changer, a solution finder, a doer.

I haven’t suggested running the bad guys out of town like in the olden days or like the Battle of Athens and Etowah, Tennessee.

4 thoughts on “It Is Soapbox Time.

  1. It is easy to complain and blame others for life’s challenges. It is difficult to accept responsibility and step forward and participate RESPECTFULLY if change is wanted and/or needed. We are a society of complainers. We tend to be lazy and choose to blame CIRCUMSTANCES for our positions in life. This, unfortunately, is our reality.

    I have chosen to reduce my circle of associates/friends to those willing to listen to all sides. They don’t have to agree with me, but they must be courteous and respectful to accept my right to my positions as I accept their rights to their positions. Dialogue and communication helps us grow and develop as we learn new perspectives. If we refuse to listen and accept CHANGE as inevitable, we refuse to grow as individuals.

    I have chosen to exclude this type of person from my inner circle. It has helped reduce unnecessary stress and has surrounded me with better quality people.

    I certainly understand your post!

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