My Musing About This Suppose Mike Pence’s Quote


Mike Pence


According to Snopes, the quote above by Mike Pence is a fabrication. The article  (“Did Mike Pence Say Americans Need More ‘Jesus Care,’ Not Health Care?”) tells how the quote got started and about the quote. This is not where my musing was centered on though it does make a amusing way how messages can get distorted down a line of people.

My musing was on two words “Jesus Care”. It wasn’t on Jesus healing people. It was on “Jesus Care” the bill. Can you imagine the hoopla in Congress and the Senate to get the “Jesus Care” bill passed. One congressman or senator would probably bring up “Who is Jesus?” and “Why should we care about his bill?”. Another would probably question of why a bill should be named after a myth. Another would probably say something stupid like “We need to pass the bill to know what in it” or “We don’t know what in the bill because we didn’t read it.”.  A person in one of the houses in the Bible know “Whatever happen to separation of church and state?”. There is always that one person in both houses with a “duh” look on their faces “How are we to read a long, long bill when it is two pages too long?”.

There would probably be a few in both houses who would defend the bill. One might teach them about Jesus healing from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The faces on their fellow congressman or senator would be a sight to see on the teaching one.

Some might say there is a moral to my musing. Like: “Don’t let your imagination run wild.” “Don’t ask stupid questions when the subject is on a serious matter.” “Don’t distort things.”

I say “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet but enjoy a good musing.” or “When questioning something research it to be sure.”

6 thoughts on “My Musing About This Suppose Mike Pence’s Quote

  1. I didn’t even need snopes to tell me this was a fabrication. Even the wording and grammar have errors. Regardless, people’s response to this could matter. Those finding fault (as an initial response) have a certain personality. Those finding anything good and possibly worthwhile (as an initial response also demonstrate a certain personality. More importantly, how do each of FEEL about our initial responses and is this a strength or a weakness in our character?
    Worth thinking about…

  2. The interwebs are awash with b.s. like that, and it’s depressing how many people will fall for it as long as it reinforces their own personal world view. I’ve had to stop following more than one blog because of that sort of thing — people reposting pure codswallop (along the lines of that Mike Pence “quote”) without bothering to check for accuracy. As long as it fits their prejudices, they treat it as truth.

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