The Weekly Headlines


Breaking News

  1. Women On The Move: Lynne Nicholson 

  2. URGENT Blast Alert against Alabama HJR23 (term limits/ Lame Duck)

  3. WPC: Weathered

  4. You’re an EAGLE… Believe…

  5. Kenneth Hagin warned against today’s materialistic gospel 

  6. Did You Know Billy Graham and Martin Luther King Jr. Were Friends?

  7. A Simple Truth to Help You Win Your Fierce Spiritual Battle


  9. Woman Sees Man Pitch Priceless Gift Into Airport Trash & Runs To Retrieve It.

  10. Taxi Driver

  11. God’s Under the Bed

  12. Ann-Margret’s Tribute to Vietnam Vets

  13. A Young Marine Restores My Faith

  14. Manufacturing and the Magic Wand

  15. How to Make the Next 30 Minutes the Most Productive of Your Week

  16. Why James Damore’s Lawsuit Will Be A Public Relations Nightmare For Google

  17. Who Moved My Chocolate?

  18. Leftists are at war with you

  19. I’ve had days like this

  20. Feinstein says she felt “pressure” to release transcript

  21. CNN goes into sewergate mode

  22. Quote of the Day

  23. Friday happy dance

  24. Project Veritas: Twitter manipulates views? And you didn’t know that?…

  25. My concern about Electric Cars and Self Driving Cars of all types

  26. Millennials Are Problematic 

  27. First Hand Account – Home Front on Luzon

  28. How To Get Ahead In Your Career Without Being A Corporate Toady …

  29. Making Friends Through Blogging

  30. The Battle Is the Lord’s

  31. VIDEO Louisiana teacher speaks out after arrest at board meeting for questioning superintendent pay raise

  32. Impossible Writing Projects

  33. As Gone as Pokey

  34. And so it begins: My Whole 30 Adventure

  35. Oneupswomanship?

  36. Embassies and Spats

  37. Lessons From The Past For The Future …

  38. Are you Walking With God?

  39. You are…..

  40. Wordless Wednesday

  41. Odd Walking Thoughts

  42. Worship Song For Today: Here As In Heaven

  43. Why be ordinary?

  44. The Beautiful Whispers in the Winter Wind

  45. A Prayer For The Broken and a Conversation with The Church.

  46. A diet of Milk or Meat: On to Perfection 1: theunfetteredpreacher

  47. Interview with Adventurer, Jax Menez Atwell


  49. The Conspiracy to Murder Kate Steinle

  50. The Irresponsible Major Media

  51. Different, Not Wrong

  52. Happy New Year, one and all

  53. Things at the turn of the year that makes me like TRUMP more

  54. Kiwis as mushrooms

  55. Snow day

  56. Friday happy dance

  57. Oh lordy, Grassley says Comey likely leaked classified information

  58. End of Sessions

  59. Quote of the Day

  60. Fire and Fury: People of low intellect flock to buy crap book by crap author saying really stupid things about Trump…

  61. To all my friends on Word Press

  62. A Broken Spirit…

  63. Butter Chicken

  64. 30 Days of Prayer for the New Year (Printable)

  65. Good Morning Quote ~ 01.02.18

  66. Never stop

  67. Stone Hearts, Stone Heads, and Stone Gods

  68. Just a Thought

  69. The Cycle #2

  70. Get Your Motor Runnin’ with THE WILD ANGELS (AIP 1966)

  71. Frankly, I’m not surprised

  72. Hope for today: The Word of God stands…

  73. US Amb. to the UN, Nikki Haley Press Conference on NK, Iran and Pakistan. (video)

  74. hope — Lonely Blue Boy

  75. VIDEO Top 7 Good News Stories You Missed In 2017 – Year One Accomplishments

  76. Pressing On Toward The Goal

  77. Celebrity Preacher Follower?

  78. King Solomon, Doggone Wisdom?

  79. That’s Nothing…

  80. A sign of our times: theunfetteredpreacher


  82. 8th Army – Gearing Up For Luzon

  83. Teach Me To Hear You More



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11 thoughts on “The Weekly Headlines

  1. The definition of retirement is not knowing what day of the week it is! The Weekly Headlines, however, always helps me realize its SATURDAY! 🙂 Thank you for helping me know (at least once a week) what day it is. 😀

    Wishing you a joyous, energetic, life enhancing WEEKEND!!

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