The Weekly Headlines



  1. Tis the Season to Be a Virtual Signaling D-Canoe 

  2. Jesus Always Call the Unqualified

  3. God, I Need You Now (With Christian Movie Scenes)

  4. No Deadline!

  5. LISTEN UP, LADIES   (Sweet Aroma Blog)

  6. “Listen Up Ladies”


  8. Everyday heroes…

  9. 12 Days of Random Christmas Songs: “O Come All Ye Faithful” by Twisted Sister (Razor & Tie 2006)

  10. 12 Days of Random Christmas Songs: SNOOPY’S CHRISTMAS by The Royal Guardsmen (Laurie Records 1967)

  11. Pica- An Oasis in The Desert

  12. HMAS Australia

  13. 9 January 1945 – Lingayen, Luzon Landings

  14. 10-16th January 1945 – Navy

  15. What’s Your Inheritance?

  16. I Was Hungry ~

  17. Skills Needed to Walk by Faith

  18. VIDEO Are Sandy Hook Dominoes Beginning To Fall?

  19. Hope for today: Prince of Peace

  20. Confessions of a TV Addict #5: Aaron Ruben, Man Behind the Laughter

  21. Oops I May Be in Trouble!

  22. The Humility of Servant Leaders


  24. Quote of the Day

  25. Rep. Gowdy Grills Deputy AG Rosenstein Over FBI and Mueller Probe

  26. Alabama election: Time to move on…

  27. A Season of Hope: Hope in Difficult Times

  28. Making memories for you

  29. VIDEO Stroke Identification, Use of Aspirin and The Heart

  30. FEELING THE LOVE . . .

  31. Three Sins That Often Accompany The Blessing Of God

  32. Hope for today: the Saving Refuge

  33. Be Loud & Irrational

  34. SELAH

  35. Happy Hanukkah

  36. Walls Closing In On Peter Strzok As Questions Arise Over His Involvement In FISA Application

  37. I Miss Saturday Morning Cartoons

  38. Party hacks invade Alabama

  39. Quote of the Day

  40. Roy Moore rides to fire station to vote…


  42. Fake News Or Real News.. Who Knows?!

  43. 17 OUT OF OVER 5000 PEOPLE

  44. Word of the Lord for 2018

  45. It’s All a Gift!

  46. AUDIO Roy Moore: Will Bring AL Values, USA Values to D.C. – MB Obama Campaigners Spent Big Against Moore

  47. Represent Yourself

  48. Pre Code Confidential #15: James Cagney in THE MAYOR OF HELL (Warner Brothers 1933)

  49. Hope for today: the Lord hears my pleas

  50. The Christmas Machine

  51. Listen Up Alabama

  52. 3 Simple Changes That Could Help You To Beat Depression

  53. Snippet of The Day 12.11.17

  54. Pragnienie ciszy i przygoda duchowa   (A thirst for silence and a spiritual adventure)

  55. No One ever Drowned in Roy Moore’s Car

  56. Lois Lerner fights release of her deposition, says “exceedingly low public interest”

  57. All The Ways I’m Told I’m Stupid Everyday

  58. The whackos are whacked

  59. Quote of the Day

  60. Jump starting Monday…

  61. Sunday funnies

  62. The perils of celebrity

  63. Canada’s Minister of Immigration won’t rule out Female Genital Mutilation as O.K.


  65. Obama Slimed Trump And America Again 

  66. Quote of the Day

  67. Second Sunday of Advent…

  68. Leaving Málaga

  69. Don’t let anyone steal your dream!

  70. More idiocy at the UN

  71. A Look Into the Manger ~

  72. VIDEO Dossier author in contact with MB Obama DOJ – FBI Agreed To Destroy Hillary Laptops To Save Her From Jail

  73. Be Strong and Courageous

  74. Hope for today: Savior

  75. Well-Structured Destruction: Clint Eastwood in THE GAUNTLET (Warner Brothers 1977)

  76. “He Fights” – President Trump Calls Out Fake News Reporting of Washington Post and Dave Weigel…

  77. Philosophy

  78. Yesterday’s Nazis and todays National Socialist Left

  79. Caturday funnies

  80. Don we now our gay apparel

  81. Sunday Respite – “Waiting in Silence”

  82. It’s Friday the 13th, Do You Know Where Your Serial Killer is?

  83. Left’s dual rules: Cake Bakers eat your hearts out

  84. Quote of the Day

  85. Andalucía

  86. I Married My Plea Bargain

  87. Snow Update!

  88. Bloody Nail Clippings

  89. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

  90. Chanukkah and Christmas :Still going Strong! 🙂

  91. Talking dog

  92. If you’re an illegal alien in San Francisco you can get away with murder … as long as you kill an innocent American citizen

  93. Facebook’s Racial Thought Police Look Exactly How You Would Picture Them

  94. Pearl Harbors then and now

  95. Yegods! They’re getting desperate!

  96. Friday happy dance

  97. …JUST WAIT…

  98. Gregg Jarrett: ‘Dirty Cop Mueller’s House of Cards is Collapsing’


  100. Now a word from Reality, not resistance

  101. Quote of the Day

  102. Open Line Friday…

  103. Evening Meditation 11-20-17

  104. There’s nothing you can see that isn’t shown, nothing you can know that isn’t known

  105. 15 Productivity Hacks For Procrastinators

  106. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Turns 50

  107. Britain’s Hate Speech Police

  108. Sunday Respite – ‘Oh Come Oh Come Emanuel’

  109. UK upset with Trump tweets

  110. MSM – Excellence not an event but habit. Settling for less.

  111. Quote of the Day

  112. Judge Jeanine Pirro Show

  113. Caturday funnies

  114. First Sunday of Advent…

  115. As Foretold in Prophecy 

  116. UK upset with Trump tweets

  117. Friday happy dance

  118. Happy St. Andrew’s Day

  119. TAX BILL PASSES!!!!

  120. Quote of the Day


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8 thoughts on “The Weekly Headlines

  1. Wow, what a diverse group of posts! Thanks for including mine in the mix – I’m #23, #37, #57, #64, #82, #99, and #106 Thanks again, hope this day treats you kindly! 🙂

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