Just An Angel With A Crooked Halo



I can’t even claim brave soldier but a wimp. The last time I was absent from blogging, I was so fed up with my life and my family situation. I ran away without giving any kind of notice. I even surprised myself by doing it because it so wasn’t me. Well maybe it was I have dreamed of doing something spontaneous like it but never had the guts to really do it till then.. I ran to my baby sister’s for some peace in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

My sister, the saint, listened to my rants and cries. She even plotted with me my escape from my awful life in Lafayette, Indiana. During the rants, the crying, and planning. I realized “My give a damn was busted”, my heart was cold toward my brother and his girlfriend. I went into warrior mode, I told myself my heart wasn’t cold. I didn’t hate my brother and his girlfriend. My warrior side was fighting for the unjust instead of just I rejoice in. I was exhausted from fight. I fell on my knees and bawled my eyes out, admitting the truth. It can be hard to face the truth. I am just an angel who can’t keep her halo on straight. I need a savor to help me keep the crooked halo on straight.

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