The Weekly Headlines



  1. Black Friday: People are dying for great deals… 

  2. Jar Of Happiness.

  3. Never grows dim


  5. A Warming Haiku

  6. Plain and Sweet Christmas Romance Collection: Spend Christmas with 9 Historical Couples from Amish, Mennonite, Quaker, and Amana Settlements by Lauralee Bliss,‎ Ramona K. Cecil,‎ Dianne Christner,‎ Melanie Dobson,‎ Jerry S. Eicher,‎ Olivia Newport,‎ Rachael O. Phillips,‎ Claire Sanders and‎ Anna Schmidt

  7. January 1945 (2)

  8. Why I Am Not Paticipating In Blogmas This Year

  9. In Jesus’ Loving Arms ~

  10. Sharing Christ

  11. The Enemy Among Us

  12. Rockin’ in the Film World #13: Elvis Presley in KID GALAHAD (United Artists 1962)

  13. Hope for today: I cry to You!

  14. Why ya gotta owe something, to get something.

  15. Come now and let us reason together….

  16. Gloria Allred Refuses Third-Party Handwriting Analysis on Roy Moore Yearbook

  17. Slavery comes to Libya thanks to Hillary Clinton

  18. They’re out there…and they’re crazed

  19. Quote of the Day

  20. 19 Strange Ideas That Will Amplify Your Productivity

  21. 14 Secret Blogging Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

  22. Matt Lauer pushes Minnesota commie Garrison Keillor off the front page…

  23. Michigan Democratic AG candidate makes political ad attacking penises. Wut?

  24. Will Progressives Rethink Strategy Now That It’s Backfiring? 


  26. O ye simple, understand wisdom:  theunfetteredpreacher | theunfetteredpreacher

  27. When the Storms of Your Life Will Not Let Up

  28. Ray’s Journal, 9th Entry

  29. Positivity changes lives.

  30. Runaway Romance by Miralee Ferrell

  31. Connecting The Dots

  32. Barcelona Light House

  33. Service to Others

  34. O momento em que lhamas ‘invadem’ um casamento e deixam a noiva (ainda mais) feliz   (The moment when llamas ‘invade’ a marriage and leave the bride (even more) happy)

  35. Lawsuit Filed To Force Sessions To Investigate Mueller Conflicts and Corruption

  36. The Gospel of Life ~

  37. Jeff Sessions ‘Methodically Reshaping’ DOJ to ‘Reflect Nationalist Ideology and Hard-Line Views

  38. Pouting Or Ponies?


  40. I’ll Be Superamalgamated!: DOC SAVAGE, THE MAN OF BRONZE (Warner Brothers 1975)

  41. Where Do You Look To Find Joy, Happiness and Fulfillment?

  42. Słuchając tego, co niewypowiedziane   (Listening to the unspoken)

  43. Death Is A Mind Experience

  44. Always loving you

  45. What VS Need-Writing Tips

  46. Caught Right in the Middle


  48. It’s not about being right or wrong

  49. Diogenes would buy her a beer.

  50. Inconvenient Truths About Israel’s Occupation

  51. The dangerous Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  52. Who Moved My Chocolate?

  53. Quote of the Day

  54. A-hunting we will go

  55. Birds of a feather

  56. 10 Smart Strategies to Stay Healthy At Work

  57. Despacito like you’ve never heard…

  58. Trump wins one in court against the CFPB swamp

  59. Multiculturalism Triumphant  THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A REBLOG

  60. 1 January 1945

  61. Little Blessings ~

  62. Immigration Encourages Workplace Discrimination Against Americans

  63. Ever Feel Abandoned?

  64. expectations

  65. IFL – Sex, Uranium & Rock & Roll

  66. God Is My High Now

  67. How To Train a Human Part Two

  68. This is what I’ve been talking about!

  69. What Happened to Civility?

  70. Happy Thanksgiving!

  71. Sunday funnies

  72. The “White Nuclear Family promotes White Supremacy” says Prof

  73. Should You Worry About Telling People Your Blogging Secret?

  74. Young Frankenstein

  75. Connecting the Soros Dots

  76. Insanity of Sanctuary Status – Citizens Under Attack and Living In Fear

  77. Quote of the Day

  78. Stuff that makes me weary…

  79. How to Engage Blog Readers Who Are in a Rush

  80. Get ‘Em While They’re Young 

  81. Morrissey Has No Friends

  82. How to Easily Get New Followers with Optins: an Update

  83. Friday happy dance

  84. Black-and-blue Friday

  85. As We End This Year, We Still Hear of Officers Down In the Line Of Duty

  86. Quote of the Day

  87. Our Military Motto Is “Leave No Man Behind” – Shouldn’t that include deported military…

  88. Thankful I know enough to be thankful

  89. McCain boot conspiracy

  90. Washington Post reporter attends top secret Soros meeting to advance agenda

  91. Black Friday Massacre At The Mall

  92. Bearing needs a little help-

  93. Lowlife Scum



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