Blessings From God Come Each And Every Day


Blessings from God come each and every day by Verna Davis,  The Herald Bulletin

The past few weeks I’ve been seeing certain things more clearly.

It started when I heard a dear lady (and friend) was in the process of leaving this earth for her heavenly home. She was a much beloved lady and at the mention of her name, people would smile and tell how she had touched their lives in some way. I had told her once that when I grew up, I wanted to be just like her, for I had never heard a critical word about anybody or anything come out of her mouth.

When my sister lay dying, this dear saint told me to write my sister a letter telling her everything I’d always wanted to say to her and then read the letter to her even though she was in a coma. So, when this dear lady herself lay dying, I told her everything I should have already told her; like how much I loved her and how great a friend she was despite our age difference and how much her encouragement had meant to my husband and me. My vision became sharper when I saw that encouragement and love are meant to be shared, not hoarded, and kind words are meant to be spoken at all times.

I also saw things more clearly when a fly landed on the microphone I was singing into at a community event. What should I do? Draw a deep breath and hope I didn’t suck up the fly? While still staring at the fly and singing as best I could under the circumstances, the picture of the battle of me versus the fly came into much clearer focus.

For whom, exactly, was I singing? God, that’s who. Not to impress God with the sound of my voice, either. After all, God gave my this voice, and the actual sound of my singing doesn’t impress God in the least. What does impress God is the “vision” in my heart when I sing. My songs should always be a way to bring praise and honor and glory to God, fly or no fly.

Then came a huge vision check came when my husband and I took our friend from Abijan, Ivory Coast, Africa to eat at a local cafeteria. Our friend had never seen so much food all in one place. He marveled at the choices he could have. Fish, chicken or beef? Green beans or carrots? Three kinds of bread, six choices of beverages — and the worst dilemma he faced — cherries or chocolate? He had first tasted cherries the day before and loved them, but in Abijan, he could rarely afford chocolate. Now, here they both were and he was having a difficult time deciding.

That’s when the blinders fell off my eyes. I saw that I am truly blessed. Indiana and the USA are great places to live. I have the freedom to attend church every Sunday and write this little column every Saturday and will not be condemned for either.

And if my blood sugar level allows, I can even have cherries and chocolate on the same day.

You are blessed as well, and I pray your vision is clear enough so you can see your blessings.

Verna Davis, author and speaker, writes in Frankton. She can be reached at

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