The Weekly Headlines



  1. Letter To The NFL on Veterans Day ~ Author Unknown

  2. Integrity Matters

  3. Here’s Looking at You On The Big Screen, CASABLANCA!

  4. Ways To Volunteer Or Give (That Aren’t Money)

  5. Brave

  6. Blues

  7. What I learned when I stopped complaining for 24+ hours

  8. Keep the Radio On

  9. Goodbye and Godspeed, Dear Friend

  10. The Captive Brides Collection by Jennifer AlLee, Angela Breidenbach, Susan Page Davis, Darlene Franklin, Patty Smith Hall, Cynthia Hickey, Carrie Fancett Pagels, Lucy Thompson and Gina Welborn


  12. Fact Friday!

  13. Home Sweet Home – Poem

  14. Where Sheep May Safely Graze…in Northern Virginia

  15. Feelings.

  16. The Ides of November

  17. So on and so forth

  18. Take Back Your Joy ~


  20. A stinkin’ cute conversation with my kid

  21. Christians: Should You Change Your Political Affiliation?

  22. Six Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Practices In Business


  24. Not Missing Out

  25. Hope for today: Blessed are…

  26. People Forget #Kindness Is Free

  27. Life in black and white: 11/16/17

  28. Evening Meditation 11-16-17

  29. The last words

  30. Mitch McConnell wants an investigation into Franken’s sexual misconduct. Wants Roy Moore to drop out of the Senate race over his accusations

  31. Also, Yup.

  32. #BoycottKeurig: Hannity Responds To Conservatives DESTROYING Their Keurig Machines After Company Drops Ads From Show (VIDEO)

  33. Fiction or Prophecy?

  34. Strange juxtapositions

  35. Al Franken the known pervert will no doubt survive the ethics investigation

  36. How to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 45 Experts Share Secrets


  38. Stunning, Hypocritical Statements

  39. Quote of the Day

  40. Napolitano: Will the Justice Department Ever Do its Job?

  41. Hollywood turns on Franken: You must go…

  42. Al Franken latest victim of toxic femininity…

  43. Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

  44. 6 Simple Ways to Reduce Water Retention

  45. 2000 Thanks

  46. WHO I AM (maybe it’s best not to know too much at this point!)

  47. Think Of The Lonely This Holiday Season


  49. Trump bashing, perversion, and the corrupt U.S. Government

  50. There are those IMPOSSIBLE to bring to Repentance… they are already dead even though they look alive 

  51. The Media Lie, and Nobody Trusts Them

  52. Sean Hannity revels in viewer boycott of advertiser who pulled out of his show

  53. News from across the pond

  54. Bombshell: Report confirms U.S. coalition struck deal with ISIS, Permanent bases set up

  55. What No One Tells You About Blogging

  56. My Fair Munster

  57. Gloria Allred repeatedly refuses to say if yearbook signature is a forgery…

  58. Icky Joe Biden

  59. Jeff Sessions, Mitch McConnell: Soul Brothers From Different Mothers – Updated

  60. Quote of the Day

  61. When did women become so unladylike?…

  62. Roy Moore: I’m escaping today…

  63. VIDEO King Jehoshaphat

  64. Restlessness inside of you

  65. You Have a Diagnosis, Now What?

  66. In the wind

  67. Happy Lord’s Day!

  68. You are what you say you are.

  69. Wait for the one.

  70. Rush Has an Unnerving Theory of Why Donna Brazile Wrote ‘Hacks’

  71. Sasha Pintor– Iquique Street Artist Extraordinaire

  72. Life in black and white: theunfetteredpreacher

  73. Make a Joyful Noise ~

  74. VIDEO Fake Heroes Vs Real Heroes who ‘Sacrifice Their Lives for This Great Country’ – VP Pence Veterans Day

  75. Are You A Stepping Stone Or Stumbling Block?

  76. 11:11:11

  77. Ungrateful

  78. The Stupid Is Strong In This One

  79. Honoring our Veterans, Thank You.

  80. Who’s the idiot ?

  81. Leftist Gays Want to Control Who You Date

  82. Caturday funnies — Veterans Day edition

  83. Thank you to all who served

  84. Sunday Respite – Antelope Canyon

  85. The Briefcase Returns to End Our Malaise: Boom-Chuck-A-Luck-A

  86. 6 Ways to Beat the Devil

  87. Blogging Problems: What to Do When Your Blog Is Offline, 11 Activities


  89. Tweet of the Weak

  90. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !

  91. Quote of the Day

  92. Liberals are unable to see their own craziness and hypocrisy..

  93. If you read only one thing on Veterans Day…

  94. Quote of the Day for Veterans Happy Veteran’s Day USA Happy Remembrance Day Canada

  95. Quote of the Day

  96. A Leftie “AHA” Moment

  97. Ex’s and Oh’s

  98. This Is Why People Care About Domain Authority

  99. Hollywood Slams Prayers, Guns in Response to Shooting: “Vote These NRA Lovers Out”

  100. Enjoying your Carrier IQ? Your “phone” is a bell around your neck…

  101. To All Those Who Answered The Call- 

  102. Moore to the Point

  103. One of Roy Moore’s accusers is a Democrat operative …

  104. Man against man

  105. Jerry Jones’ attorney, in letter, says owners being misled about Roger Goodell contract negotiations

  106. With wings

  107. I totally repent….

  108. Happy 242nd Birthday, United States Marine Corps!

  109. Do You Enjoy Freedom? Thank a Veteran.

  110. Evening Meditation 11-10-17

  111. When Hurt By Someone Close To You

  112. VIDEO ‘The Job for Americans Is to Make Sure We Never Forget’ – I’d Do It All Again!

  113. Your Heart’s Desires ~

  114. The Celebration of Fiestas Patrias Iquique Chile—Part Two

  115. THANK YOU

  116. For All Veteran’s – Thank You

  117. Song In Honor of Veteran’s Day: American Soldier

  118. Veterans Day – 2017 – Thank You

  119. Practicing Gratitude For What We Receive

  120. Veteran’s Day

  121. Day 11: Veteran’s

  122. Special Veteran’s Day Edition: THE STORY OF G.I. JOE (United Artists 1945)

  123. Thank you to all who served


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  1. Thanks so much for the repost. Love your avatar btw. It looks so similar to mine I’ve decided you must be a long-lost cousin. 🙂

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