One thought on “How To Find Your Purpose

  1. These are the words I live by; these are the words and messages I share; these are the words people have a difficult time hearing and applying because these are the words that elicit FEAR. The message is pure, the intent honorable, but the response by so many remains one of apathy. We have become a conditioned society required to accept LIFE in a manner that supports those “elected;” those claiming to be the voice of the people. We have allowed our brains to atrophy granting others to do our thinking for us. We prefer to “follow the herd” because it’s perceived as a less stressful approach to living. In reality, it has placed “chains” on our existence resulting in more disease, more depression as well as the degradation of the human soul.

    I believe I know how to reverse this trend. The problem is, the people needed to participate in solving this growing problem are the same people refusing to accept responsibility. Parents, educators, doctors, youth groups, religious organizations ALL must accept responsibility to TEACH and IMPLEMENT ESSENTIAL needs in order for children to grow up understanding PASSION, PURPOSE, GRATITUDE and FULFILLMENT. It requires ACTIVE participation and support rather than PASSIVE EXISTENCE which society encourages today.

    Why do children wait until the 11th hour to do homework assignments? Maybe it’s examples like our legislative branch of government that waits until this same 11th hour that teaches them this is the American way! We don’t concern ourselves with phrases like, “does this make sense,” “is there a better way to approach problem “X”, “is this truly in our best interest?”

    Instead, we choose to follow a system because it has “stood the test of time.” We CHOOSE this option rather than accepting the REALITY that life is DYNAMIC requiring periodic re-evaluation and CHANGE to experience a better future. It appears until we (as a nation) reach our “11th hour” we can expect more of the same. Without tangible PAIN to motivate change we allow asymptomatic PAIN to grow like a cancer.

    Is this the image and type of nation we want to pass on to future generations?

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