No Happy Halloween Here


Black Cat

The picture above is as close to Halloween as I get anymore. You see black cats aren’t as scary and jinx as some think. They’re just cute and purry. 

Another reason I don’t celebrate Halloween anymore because my heart isn’t as good as it use to be. Seeing a freakin’ monster could send me to  hospital – well -running from one could. Nope, no, no more monsters around my house. I am not talking of the kid kind.

Talk about demons – well – I did write about them here in a post. You wouldn’t believe the horror of the some demons candidates in the 2016 primary election. It could turn the heart cold freezing. That in itself was enough Halloween for me.

I don’t believe in haunted houses anymore. When you read posts like Indiana’s first Governor’s house (here). You expect some suspense in reading about the history of an old scary houses but that ghost turns out to be a turkey. You can even say Indiana’s first Governor’s house was not a good Halloween legend but a laugh.

I think I am going to do some dancing while I do some chores around the house today.

.Or maybe let my imagination go wild about a loveable monster call Godzilla. (This Is How My Crazy Imagination Works)

That is all I want to say about Halloween. Have a enjoyable day whether you celebrate Halloween or not.

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