The Weekly Headlines


Changes Coming

  1. Quote of the Day 

  2. Atheists Demand Texas High School Remove Christian Flag So Students Respond by Flying Their Own

  3. Goodell sends letter to all 32 teams: Stop kneeling for the anthem, it’s killing the NFL

  4. Hate, not Guns, Kills People 

  5. Conspiracy Theorists: Vegas Victims Are Government … 

  6. Squashing A Nasty Little Rumor

  7. Why the NFL is losing fans – NFL Ratings Continue to Crater, Massive Two-Year Decline

  8. Making Time

  9. Halloween Havoc!: I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE (RKO 1943)


  11. The Lily Pad Syndrome

  12. Unrealistic Beauty Standards?

  13. The smuggler of Venice

  14. Daily Denver

  15. Gold Medalist in the Olympics of Crazy

  16. Face time — Halloween edition

  17. Friday spooky dance

  18. Bill Clinton’s Multi-Million Dollar Communist Uranium Deal – Circa 2008

  19. I Know Nothing Defense

  20. Nancy Pelosi: Stroke victim or Alzheimer?…

  21. My Big Fat Supernatural Life

  22. A Gusting Haiku

  23. Trained as a Kamikaze – and lived – Intermission Story (26)

  24. Day 27

  25. Game of Thrones-DIY Costumes

  26. Cats Gone Wild!!!

  27. Hear, and your soul shall live

  28. VIDEO Congressman Warns Dems Handed USA Secrets To Pakistan

  29. Halloween Havoc!: BUBBA HO-TEP (Vitagraph 2002)

  30. What you want to hear

  31. Hell froze

  32. Bored of education — substitute teacher edition

  33. No Evidence the GOP Donor or Campaign ever involved in Russian Dossier

  34. Ode To The Losers

  35. John McCain: I gave Russia blackmail dossier on Trump to FBI | New York Post

  36. Is the left finally turning on the Clintons?

  37. Lou Dobbs: Interview with President Donald J. Trump 10/25/17…


  39. Jerome, Arizona – Ghost Walk 2017

  40. Just a Thought

  41. Humanist Org Seeks To Boycott Franklin Graham’s Operation Christmas Child


  43. Stop This Madness!

  44. Highway Robbery!

  45. VIDEO Former Green Beret’s Post Blasting Leftists for Politicizing Niger Goes Viral – Gold Star Widow Brittany Jacobs

  46. I Look For The Light ~

  47. Some goodies at YouTube

  48. Halloween Havoc!: CHRISTINE (Columbia 1983)

  49. ‘Facebook & other companies abuse monopoly power to increase profit, censor news’

  50. Why I’m no longer a “seamless garment” Catholic

  51. Painful

  52. Civic guard

  53. 100

  54. Question

  55. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — rainy day edition

  56. Clinton Foundation slush fund – less than 15 percent goes to charitable grants

  57. Quote of the Day

  58. Looking Who’s Talking: Lindsey Graham

  59. Tell me again why your kid’s state run school is different and really, really good…

  60. Wild Bill: News Bites 10/24/17…

  61. Paglia: The Dumbing Down of America Began in Public Schools

  62. Halloween Havoc!: THE HILLS HAVE EYES (Vanguard 1977)

  63. NFL BOYCOTT WEEK #7: NFL Teams Play Before Empty Seats – These Pics Are BRUTAL!

  64. Happy Halloween 2017!!

  65. A good exchange

  66. Why all the negativity towards President Trump? He wasn’t supposed to win the election.

  67. Painted tears

  68. Enter Title Here

  69. NZ Herald’s propaganda recycling headline:

  70. Hog heaven

  71. She swore to tell the truth

  72. Seven Facts to know about Uranium One – Hillary Clinton responds

  73. Coulda Woulda Shoulda

  74. Putting on the Ritz – Blitz

  75. NYT hires a new script writer

  76. Quote of the Day

  77. JFK documents to be released: Will we learn anything new?…

  78. Weight Watchers Week 1…

  79. Upstairs

  80. A Day Late and Dollar Short

  81. PUTT OFF YOUR EGO (guest post)

  82. 1944 ending / 1945 opening

  83. Can’t SING the ANTHEM?

  84. Is The GOP In For A ‘Rude Awakening’ In 2018 Elections? [VIDEO] Ginni Thomas

  85. NFL backlash continues: Empty seat wins giveaway prize at Browns game — Numerous empty seats on Sunday

  86. Top Cop Calls NFL Whiners ‘Anti-American Degenerates’ – Look What Happened To Her

  87. Gun Control Push Flounders as Views on Guns Unchanged by Las Vegas Attack

  88. The Wisdom of Right Relationships

  89. Hope for today: repent

  90. Halloween Havoc!: FRANKENHOOKER (SGE 1990)

  91. Evening Meditation 10-22-17

  92. Journalism is dead. Trump not so much.

  93. CIA agents – Unhappy because covered journalists deliver them too much opinions and too little information

  94. brotherhood:

  95. Sunday musical offering

  96. Russian Spies targeted Hillary Clinton early on, wormed into Inner Circle

  97. Revenge of the Nouns

  98. Judge Jeanine Pirro Show

  99. Quote of the Day

  100. So what’s with Alexa spying on us?…

  101. The Rhinestone Cowpie Gets Schooled

  102. A Weapon More Destructive Than A Nuclear Bomb: It Has Already Been Deployed

  103. Enlighten

  104. Bannon rips into former Pres. Bush in fiery speech (video)

  105. Christ Has No Body But Yours!

  106. Bliss

  107. Even Beatings and Death Cannot Stop a Man Who Is Determined!

  108. REVOLT! USA City ‘Ground Zero’ In Refugee Battle

  109. Hopefully, Joyful ~

  110. Hope for today: love for God

  111. Outrage, empty barrels, and unwholesome talk

  112. Halloween Havoc!: THE BLOB (Paramount 1958)

  113. Evening Meditation 10-21-17

  114. Yep

  115. All or Nothing

  116. Student accused of terrorism after opening a window on a bus

  117. Blogging 101

  118. Hollywood and Gomorrah

  119. Why I Will Never Be Freshly Pressed

  120. Change… what’s in your wallet?

  121. Quote of the Day

  122. Bulldog Steve Bannon…

  123. Do You Contribute To Discovering The CURE For Breast Cancer? 

  124. Can We Rely On ANY Health Care System To Create Healthy Living?

  125. Halloween TV Havoc!: Richard Pryor Meets The Exorcist on SNL!

  126. Is Liberal Actor Sean Penn Marked For Death?

  127. King Solomon, 360 Degree Decision Made Yesterday?

  128. QUITE A VIDEO…very short…very powerful!

  129. Out of the quagmire into the quicksand

  130. VIDEO Trump May Release CIA docs may thoroughly debunk claim Oswald acted alone

  131. Leadership Or Servanthood?

  132. Hope for today: walk in truth

  133. Halloween Havoc!: REPTILICUS (AIP 1962)

  134. Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State Shows US Aid Thrown Into Dumpsters

  135. Evening Meditation 10-20-17

  136. O’Keefe does The New York Times

  137. When CNN attacks President Trump, AND IT BACKFIRES!

  138. Bumping Down the Slippery Slope

  139. Photo 1

  140. Happy Fun Times at the DNC

  141. Who Wore It Better?

  142. Friday happy dance

  143. Caturday funnies

  144. Fauxcahantas Warren and Cowgirl Rep Wilson – A Return to the West!


  146. Quote of the Day

  147. #ME TOO

  148. Retired General John Kelly sets the record straight about Trump’s call to widow of slain soldier…

  149. Thought For Today

  150. It’s Friday which means that stats drop because everyone has something better to do than peruse blogs…

  151. More Readers Recommending THE GREATEST MOMENT

  152. Now I See

  153. Cherita #8

  154. Defending Your Life

  155. Quartermaster Corps – Intermission Story (23)

  156. Scripture Art Haiku #3

  157. Largest Tea Party Facebook group and Citizens for Trump to host YUGE Trump rally

  158. Bless the Lord, O my soul

  159. Has Saying ‘Old School’ Become A Convenient Cover For Compromise?

  160. Halloween Havoc!: RETURN OF THE FLY (20th Century-Fox 1959)

  161. “New” doesn’t mean “good”

  162. Feminists Furious as More Men Adopt the Mike Pence Rule

  163. How Handicapped and African American People Become Trapped

  164. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — sign language edition

  165. Obama State Dept. Spent Tax Dollars To Translate Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” Abroad

  166. Hump Day Video: Hitler Learns About Harvey Weinstein

  167. Doing that Proverbs Thang

  168. The Phantom of the Blogging Tips

  169. Quote of the Day

  170. Thought for Today

  171. Kurt Schlichter at his best when talking about our “betters”…

  172. A Spring Mill Surprise

  173. Facebook and Google in Mortal Fear of the Regulators

  174. One Man’s Tale To Weight Loss, Weight Gain And The Barrier Determining Long Term Success

  175. Trump is Dancing in the End Zone: Goodell Says All NFL Players Should Stand For the Anthem

  176. Humph said the Fool

  177. Wake-Up Call!

  178. Court Docs Show Federal Wrongdoing, According to Wife of Suspected Hacker in Medical Kidnapping Case

  179. Ten In Proverbs

  180. The Gift of Christmas Past: A Southern Romance by Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall

  181. Ryegate, Montana

  182. King Solomon, Walk Away Wisdom

  183. Never Say . . .

  184. Splash of Color – Video blog portion

  185. Halloween Havoc!: Bela Lugosi in MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE (Universal 1932)

  186. Halloween Havoc!: BLOOD FROM THE MUMMY’S TOMB (AIP/Hammer 1971)

  187. Hope for today: meditate on the Word

  188. Drawing

  189. Advertisements from long, long ago — relationship savers edition

  190. Hero in a fur coat

  191. Feds investigate Puerto Rico’s aid going astray, not reaching citizens

  192. Message In A Bottle

  193. Quote of the Day

  194. Conservative Leaders Send Letter Demanding New GOP Senate Leadership

  195. Why We Cannot Trust the FBI

  196. Was Stephen Paddock set up?…

  197. How Deep is the Corruption in DC?…

  198. YouTube Censored Me AGAIN – Deleted My Video – And You Won’t Believe…

  199. Women and Computers in WWII – Intermission Story (22)

  200. Conservative Breitbart contributor targeted with vandalism; Political motive suspected

  201. Scripture Art Haiku #2

  202. The Blogger State of the Union-Part 1

  203. VIDEO The American Libel and the Death of a Civilization

  204. The Ripple Effects Of Sin

  205. Peace Unexpected ~

  206. How to Make Money from Virily and 6 More Sites That Pay You.

  207. 100 x 100 Sprint

  208. Halloween Havoc!: THE DEVIL DOLL (MGM 1936)

  209. Cooking

  210. Birds of a Feather

  211. Much Respect for VP Pence-

  212. Clinton’s Laureate Education Company – latest scam to hit the news, Execs quit

  213. Sunday funnies

  214. I’m Hooked on a Feeling

  215. Tweet Of The Day : #Jim Acosta

  216. Quote of the Day

  217. The Motive Of The Las Vegas Shooting

  218. Because…evil

  219. Vice President Mike Pence leaves Colts-49ers game after players reportedly kneel

  220. Further away

  221. TT12: Can the Lord Trust you with Unhappy Experiences (and Can you Share them with Us)?

  222. A German Holocaust Survivor’s View On Islam

  223. Halloween TV Havoc!: ALICE COOPER – THE NIGHTMARE (ABC-TV 1975)

  224. An old love remembered: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  225. Scripture Art #1

  226. Paulding Man Shot by Police Criminal Record Shows Numerous Arrests

  227. Wow! Magazine – Recent Posts and What’s Trending (10/07/2017)

  228. Heart Wins the Game

  229. VIDEO FBI Warns of More Attacks by Black Extremists… – Backlash BLM Shutdown ACLU

  230. What Is a Meek and Quiet Spirit?

  231. Halloween Havoc!: Tod Browning’s FREAKS (MGM 1932)

  232. Angels Passing By

  233. Christians Kicked Out Of Coffee Shop By Boy-Bone Smoking Owner

  234. Below Average Poetry – By: Jason C. Cushman

  235. Two Harveys

  236. Caturday funnies

  237. Sunday musical offering

  238. Sunday Respite – Autumn Leaves

  239. Dear Luke, We Need To Talk. Darth

  240. White people are the problem 

  241. Quote of the Day

  242. The Gators answer to NFL and maybe a new Patriot song

  243. Wasn’t expecting that

  244. The 7/10 Phenomenon

  245. What we Should Preach: theunfetteredpreacher

  246. It’s True: Men Stepped Up and Heroically Protected Women During the Las Vegas Shooting

  247. One Day At A Time – About Tom Petty…

  248. Will we ever know the truth about Stephen Paddock?…

  249. Lazy Super Bowl Sundae

  250. Trump gives a win to ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’, Others, negates birth control, sterilization mandate 

  251. If it weren’t for Double Standards….

  252. Growing up

  253. Blogging Problems: What to Do When Your Blog Is Offline, 11 Activities


  255. I’ve got nothing: theunfetteredpreacher

  256. Evening Meditation 10-6-17

  257. Hope for today: opportunity for great joy

  258. Halloween Havoc!: FROM HELL IT CAME (Allied Artists 1957)

  259. My Daily Musing by lafayetteangel   (Br Andrew’s Muses post)



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