The Weekly Headlines



  1. Screaming harridan objects to a veteran’s service dog in a restaurant…

  2. The LORD Says: I Will Heal Your Broken Life & Heart!

  3. God is Saying, “Enough is Enough!” 

  4. October 2017 Prophetic Word


  6. Anti-American NFL Commissioner In Panic Mode After Seeing What His Protesting Players Have Caused

  7. The Lies of Loneliness

  8. Bread And Circuses – The @NFL Edition

  9. The Urgent Prayer

  10. SCOTUS To Hear Major Free Speech Case Against Unions

  11. Bad and Getting Worse – NFL Ticket Sales Drop Almost 18%…

  12. Sailing Into the Wind


  14. Taking a knee

  15. George Washington Takes a Knee at Valley Forge

  16. 56% of people approve of President Trump’s job performance … despite the drivel from the left.

  17. Twitter

  18. Well, This Explains a Lot

  19. Put on a happy face

  20. Friday happy dance

  21. Friday not-so-happy dance

  22. Colin Kaepernick, raised by White couple, paid $20 Mil by White NFL Owner

  23. There’s No Crying In Blogging!

  24. Dude, where’s our ratings?

  25. Cleaning Out the DVR Pt 6: All-Star Horror Edition!

  26. Quote of the Day

  27. Steve Scalise is back…

  28. Friday Notebook: Tucson officer pushes boundaries with online rants

  29. Nearly 50,000 people sign petition calling for the REMOVAL of a Ray Lewis statue after the retired Ravens star knelt during the national anthem 

  30. Sense

  31. We Were On A Break!

  32. A Splash of Color

  33. Day 26

  34. Taking Control

  35. Evening Meditation 9-26-17

  36. Confess Your Faults One to Another

  37. VIDEO In Respect Of Our Home – An open letter to the NFL – Trashing Its Own Customer

  38.  The Main Event: Kirk Douglas in CHAMPION (United Artists 1949)

  39. The real enemy of the American people is the major media.


  41. Money

  42. West Point Communist Antifag Is Real

  43. Chelsea Clinton’s ‘Best Friend’s’ Defense Company Got $11 Mil In Contracts But Doesn’t Have Federal Security Clearance

  44. B-Movie Roundup!

  45. For Trump Supporters – Wednesday Musical Entertainment

  46. National Pledge to Boycott the NFL!

  47. Quote of the Day

  48. DAAAMN! Katie Pavlich REKT Michelle Obama with just 3 words for shaming female Trump voters

  49. Is the Pope Catholic?

  50. BREAKING: NFL Executives Just Woke To Devastating News About The Rest Of Their Season Today

  51. NFL In Panic Mode After What Full List Of Every Sponsor Who Supported Protesting Athletes Shows

  52. Snippet of The Day 09.27.17

  53. Alinsky and Trump

  54. You

  55. They’re heretics, not Catholics

  56. King Solomon, A Wise Activist?

  57. URGENT BLAST ALERT – Michigan HJR V (one more time!)

  58. Waiting

  59. OMG! This Is One Of The BEST Anti-NFL, Pro-Trump, Videos Online Right NOW

  60. Doing It God’s Way… Or The Hard Way

  61. 9/11 Families Charge in Lawsuit That Saudi Government Funded “Dry Run” of Plane Hijackings

  62. Hope for today: live at peace

  63. MSM mum about Democrat corruption trial

  64. It’s the Plague of Frogs!!!!

  65. Are You Infecting Or Being Infected?!

  66. WTF: NBC Panelists Label The National Anthem ‘White Supremacist’


  68. Ok, checking on the boys

  69. Arse Hole of the Week

  70. Hey, we all make mistakes

  71. You have been warned

  72. Clinton’s Freudian slip – ‘Hope Trump has not ordered killing journalists’

  73. Those Swingin’ Sixties!

  74. Important announcement

  75. To Those That Show Disrespect to Our Flag and National Anthem

  76. Quote of the Day

  77. Marxism and Football…

  78. A Marines Letter To The NFL / My NFL Musing Of The Day

  79. The anthem-kneeling protests by NFL players

  80. The Ugliness Of Freedom & The Power Of Your Cash

  81. Dallas Cowboys Kneel Down in Arizona – Crowd Boo’s – NFL Implosion Complete…

  82. YO, LIBS: Record Number of NFL Players Kneel – Here’s The TV Ratings After That Hissy Fit

  83. VIDEO Take A Knee? Really? – Stop Watching That NFL Game Until You See This.. – 9 Proofs NFL Hates USA

  84. Losing Heart

  85. Hope for today: consider others

  86. Turning Back the Cuckoo Clock with Wheeler & Woosley in THE CUCKOOS (RKO 1930)

  87. What are you waiting for?!



  90. About that ‘racial equality’ thing

  91. Progressive Academics Against Science

  92. Five Films From Five Decades 2

  93. “Take a Knee is total Bullsh-t”

  94. NFL Players arrested on average every seven days

  95. Quote of the Day

  96. I’m posting this for Robbie.

  97. Hope for today: test the spirits

  98. 329: Take The Cat OUT Of The Box !!!

  99. Finding A Way To Pamper Myself


  101. H E Double Hockeysticks

  102. Done

  103. Blogs

  104. Taking a Knee…

  105. Forget the NFL

  106. Five Films From Five Decades

  107. Sunday funnies

  108. Face the music

  109. State Department Delaying Aid Congress Provided to Yazidis, Christians in Iraq

  110. NFL Goes Full-Blown Protest Mode

  111. Clap-Trap Clapper

  112. Dear NFL, NBA, and MLB

  113. Quote of the Day

  114. Drawing Attention To Our National Anthem

  115. Please don’t make me talk about the NFL…

  116. Week in Picture, German Election Edition

  117. Memo to the Players of the NFL

  118. “How To Kill Your Neighbor”

  119. A Little Help, Please. I’m Feeling Sick.

  120. Snapchat Confessions

  121. Running

  122. 49ers’ Ticket Prices PLUMMET – Also, Look How Many MILLIONS NFL Stands To Lose!

  123. Every Person Has His Passions! What Are Yours?

  124. VIDEO Crowd Chants ‘Lock Her Up’, Trump Tells Them How To Make It Happen – Hillary’s Dark Money To Antifa Exposed

  125. Cleaning Out the DVR #14: SEX & VIOLENCE, 70’S STYLE!


  127. Why North Korea is a Serious Issue

  128. Subliminal Persuasion

  129. ‘Jackboots in Rainbow Hues’

  130. Caturday funnies

  131. Sunday musical offering

  132. An ode to the Autumn Equinox (Mabon) “She is dying”

  133. Big Picture, Big Story

  134. Quote of the Day

  135. Let ANTIFA, BLM and Subversive Groups Beware

  136. Admiral William McRaven: Change the World by Making Your Bed

  137. It seems people are in an uproar about Jimmy Kimmel getting talking points from Chuckie Schumer…

  138. Gorka: A Roy Moore victory in Alabama strengthens Trump

  139. 2 Major Problems, Government


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