Leaders, My Version



I am stepping up on the soapbox and  to the mic again. I am going to talk about leadership from my point of view.

From some of my post you would get an idea of what I think about our leaders here in the USA.. I don’t believe I gave you my idea what I think a leader should be. My idea of a leader would be someone like Moses. Moses stood up for his people. He showed courage in facing Pharaoh. Moses lead his people out of Egypt. When things got tight and Moses didn’t know what do, he called on God and God helped him. When the Israelites were being brats, causing God to get angry, Moses interceded for them. He ask God to have mercy on them. Moses mentored Joshua to take over leadership of the Israelites. Moses may not have been a good leader in the beginning but he sure was in the end. If you don’t believe me I recommend reading Exodus to Deuteronomy in the Bible.

Others I believe were good leaders George Washington, Martin Luther King, Audie L. Murphy, Abraham Lincoln. This may not go off well but even though Rommel was on the wrong side of World War 2, he showed good leadership in Africa. I admire Rommel for that. These are my ideas of what leaders should be.

My idea of a leader isn’t Paul Ryan, our speaker of the house. Ryan doesn’t cut the mustard as a leader. Ryan doesn’t stick to convictions.

When John Boehner was speaker of the house, I swear the man was running for White House favorite pooch with the way he caved in on certain bills.

The idea Anthony Weiner being a leader, makes me want to puke. This disgusting man resigned form congress because of sexting. Weiner hasn’t gone for help. Weiner has not really tried to gain people trust or his wife. He hasn’t repented of it. Weiner was still sexting as he was running for mayor of New York City. His moral character shows me he went down the tubes to sewage. If the people of New York City vote had for Weiner, it will show how far they gone down on the moral character. Me, myself, I couldn’t vote for someone with a wife who couldn’t trust him. It raises questions in my mind “would he do right by me?”.

I gave you my opinion of what I think a leader should be and not. It should tell you why I am frustrated with our leaders.

I am going to add I believe bad leaders can be redeem. I believe in second chances for the bad leaders. I will not take them at their word saying they were redeem. They have to prove to me they are redeemed. Their actions will tell me they are or not redeem. Jesus did say “You will know them by their fruit.” The Bible says to test the spirits. If there is something wrong with their actions, fruit, and spirit they will not be my leader again. I will NOT vote for them again.

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