The Weekly Headlines



  1. The “Snap Challenge” is a bunch of bull pucky…

  2. For Those Refusing to Obey God in This Season 

  3. Thousands will participate in Feast of the Hunters Moon

  4. What Our Children Need Most

  5. You are being watched

  6. VIDEO Upcoming Bundy Ranch Trial: Prosecution Files First Docs – Sheriff To Bureau Of Land Management

  7. Three Reasons Why You Are Important

  8. Prayers For You My Friend ~

  9. The Heart of Man

  10. Evening Meditation 9-14-17

  11. Why I don’t ask before I reblog

  12. DACA Caca

  13. Hurricane Jose/Tracking West/Hatteras Could be first Impact

  14. Quote of the Day

  15. Sweet Land of Liberty: Alfred Hitchcock’s SABOTEUR (Universal 1942)

  16. Self Loathing

  17. Evening Meditation 9-13-17

  18. Motive

  19. How silly are racial categories? At least this silly

  20. Bravo, Pauline!

  21. It’s a dog’s life

  22. Happy birthday to our national anthem

  23. DWS IT Awan was running a secret server, banned when discovered

  24. Deplorable Hillary waste: oooh that smell 

  25. Quote of the Day

  26. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray steps down while no “orthodox” Catholics allowed in public service, but alleged homosexual child abusers are A-Okay?…

  27. Hurricane Irma

  28. TSA Schools: Force Blood Draw (video)

  29. This, right here, is what’s wrong with the world

  30. Can men change the world by lifting 400 pounds?

  31. A Run in with My Younger Self


  33. A sign of our times: 9/13/17

  34. Gitmo Detainees Forced to Listen to Hillary’s What Happened Audiobook   (Satire)

  35. Democrats Alienate Catholics

  36. Taking the First Step

  37. Breaking news from Mario Murillo

  38. VIDEO Miss America Contestants Asked to Condemn President Trump

  39. A buck 35


  41. Quote of the Day

  42. Texas and Florida first! No more “refugees”…

  43. SOLIDARITY: Kaepernick tweets support to ESPN anchor Jemele Harris, fumbles GLORIOUSLY

  44. Update

  45. In loving memory

  46. Signs of the times

  47. Irma – Home again in Fort Myers

  48. Remembering 9/11 in 2017 

  49. DELETE your account: ESPN anchor gets STOMPED for calling Kid Rock and Trump white supremacists

  50. An Open Letter To Larry Page, Google CEO

  51. Quote of the Day

  52. Just Shoot them On sight

  53. Pamela Geller: SEPTEMBER 11th, sixteen years later and so much worse…

  54. Incredible! Watch Florida Residents Singing “The Great I Am” on Beach as Hurricane Irma Approached

  55. President Trump, First Lady Lead Moment of Silence, Partake in 9/11 Observance at Pentagon.

  56. Today is the Day

  57. On her dying best.

  58. Running Eagle Falls

  59. Never Forget 9/11/01

  60. Remembering Heroes

  61. Do People Really Get What They Deserve?

  62. Watch “9/11 Tribute (The Fray)” on YouTube

  63. Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down

  64. Thank You to My Everyday Heroes (Phoenix in the Fire)

  65. Remembering 9/11 and Teaching Goodness

  66. Evening Meditation 9-10-17

  67. POST 9/11

  68. Remembering the Boat Lift of 500,000 on 9/11

  69. Assigned to those who dishonor us

  70. Daily Devotion-September 11, 2015-The Elijah Factor or How 1 Man Made a Difference-Time For a Showdown

  71. Remembrance

  72. Budweiser Remembers 9-11

  73. Quote Of The Day — September11, 2015

  74. 9-11: George W. Bush and his bullhorn

  75. 9/11 Memorial

  76. Sept 11th… Fourteen Years On…

  77. That Bitter Old Woman

  78. My Daily

  79. Never Forget

  80. Sunday funnies

  81. Sept 11, 2017………….

  82. Diamond & Silk : “Shut Up Joy !”

  83. Quote of the Day

  84. The Symbology of September 11


  86. Brutal Truth Bomb About ‘Helping People’ Destroys Dems’ View Of ‘Charity’

  87. Betcha Satan loves Sarah Silverman’s hurricane meme

  88. Lust, revisited: theunfetteredpreacher

  89. Grieving Dad, Eric Bolling, responds to reports of son’s death.

  90. A Buck for a Song for Hurricane Relief

  91. VIDEO Trump’s Democrat deal: “What did they think was gonna happen?”

  92. What Does It Really Mean To Take Up The Cross And Follow Christ?

  93. Snippet of The Day 09.09.17

  94. Ride Away: John Wayne in John Ford’s THE SEARCHERS (Warner Brothers 1956)

  95. Sitting around

  96. Either the King’s Good Servant or God’s: Senator Feinstein’s Religious Test – written by Antonin Scalia

  97. Hope for today: Worthy is the Lord

  98. Quote of the Day  

  99. Reasons Why No One Reads Your Blog

  100. This Is Not the Way We Have Been Told It Was Supposed to Work

  101. The Big Lie-

  102. Saint Elizabeth Warren, I presume!

  103. Prayers for Florida

  104. Quote of the Day

  105. Tucker Carlson: News Site Makes Hurricane Harvey A Race Issue

  106. Orwellian Antifa in perspective

  107. Caturday funnies

  108. Happy birthday, Antonín

  109. Things that Wonder 

  110. Talk Among Yourselves

  111. Hahahaha

  112. I Keep Thanking God For President Trump!

  113. Evening Meditation 9-8-17

  114. Laura Ingraham Endorses Kelli Ward in Primary Challenge Against RINO Jeff Flake

  115. Moments & Madness

  116. The ‘Morons’ of the World Are God’s Kind of People!

  117. Afternoon update

  118. It moved me Bob

  119. My New Journey (1mins read). .

  120. A sign of our times: 9/9/17 theunfetteredpreacher

  121. Limbaugh and Irma…….and our friends


  123. Goodbye Spain !

  124. Take Care of the Love you have

  125. Do You Suffer?



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