Bitter Or Better



When one reads you learn about things. Some of it will be good, some of it will be bad, and some down right ugly. You also learn about victims and over comers.

You read about a person on trial for robbery. The person on trial excuses he/she conduct on a abusive past. The person on trial is a victim of society instead of taking responsibility for their actions. Then you read of a person who came from a broken family and lived in a gang area, joining the military,becoming a doctor to better himself to get out of a situation he/she was once in.

You read an article from a magazine that celebrated woman who overcame. She was a rape victim. She didn’t stay a victim for long. She went to school to become an advocate for rape victims with the police department. Then you read of another woman who was a victim of rape that used her victimhood as an excuse to use drugs, alcohol,  and to prostitute herself.

You read about people, who are bitter about slavery from long ago. They use it as an excuse to riot and vandalize. While another group of people saw the modern day slavery to help the victims of the slavery. of today.

Let me tell you of a boy in a wheelchair in England. His dream was to become a coach in sports. He didn’t let his disability detour him from his goal. He achieved his dream and became a coach. Another boy in a wheelchair used his disability as an excuse to not go any further in his life.

Life is unfair but it depends on what you do about the unfairness that will make you better or bitter. So tell me which ones did better and which ones were bitter?

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