5 thoughts on “A Recommend Read

  1. But no one is “destroying” history (other than the nutcase protesters tearing down the occasional statue). “History” is simply being re-located away from public, taxpayer-funded, locations. Why is this an issue?

    1. Doug, let’s say you put a statue out in your little flower garden. The statue was handed down from your great grandmother. It is part of your family history.

      Now let’s say I am your neighbor even though I am not. I complain a few times to you that the statue looks like a piece of crap and makes the neighborhood ugly. One night I get really tired of seeing that statue. I go over to your house with a sledgehammer and turn your statue into pieces.

      What I did was illegal. I didn’t go through due process of getting rid your statue. Not to mention I destroy part of you family history.

      that is the way people see it.

      1. P.S. The rioters destroy the southerners piece of history. It didn’t matter to the southerns if it was the good, the bad and the ugly part of history. It was their history and represented not to repeat some of history.

      2. Well, I certainly can’t disagree with that. I don’t agree with the vandalism of rioters one bit.. Confederate statues or not. As I first stated, with the exception of vandals, the statues to the Southern Cause were, in fact, being removed generally as a result of civic due process for moral reasons from public, taxpayer-owned areas and buildings, and being relocated… not destroyed. That seems appropriate to me. History is being re-located… not destroyed.

      3. I believe when something has historical status to it the mayor or whoever should take it to the people. After all mayors and so on are the stewards for the people.

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