Change, Same

If one wants change, one has to be the change.

If one want to change a wrong, one have to take the first step to do it.

If one want to be blessing, one goes help a person.

Speak less and get into action.


4 thoughts on “Change

  1. A truly important message. Many people often (well intentioned) respond to these concepts by saying, “something to think about.” That response frustrates me because it means the MESSAGE was misunderstood. Simply “thinking about things” doesn’t cause CHANGE. Creating a PLAN OF ACTION leads to CHANGE!

      1. I have a rule for those who complain to me. I’ll gladly listen (patiently) as long as the complaint is followed by some attempted SOLUTION. Complaining for the sake of complaining only leads to further complaining! I consider this a great waste of expended energy.

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