It Is True “In Life Strange Things Can Happen”


Stop Waiting

There a story behind some post I write like “A Funny Musing For Today”. The poster up above made me laugh when I first saw it because it made me think of how my Grandma Bishop met my Grandpa Bishop. It wasn’t dramatic as finding him in a tree but you can say it was crashing experience.

I had asked my grandma how she met grandpa when I was a teenager. Her answer surprised me because you don’t met your future spouse in this way. At least, I didn’t think so at the time. My Grandma and Grandpa Bishop met in a car accident. She was in one car in the crash and grandpa was in other car. I don’t know all the details but that accident did lead to grandma going out with grandpa then marrying him latter on down the line.

Was Grandpa Grandma’s Prince Charming? Maybe in the beginning but in the end she found grandpa to be a womanizer and a drunk. She never divorced Grandpa but she did separate from him. Was my grandma story romantic? Not really but it was history to tell her grandkids, Smile.

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