The Weekly Headlines



  1. Libtards demand civility in the wake of Trump’s latest tweets… 

  2. The Greatest Commandment

  3. A Word For Some Women

  4. Prophetic Words for the Americas

  5. A Prophetic Warning for America!

  6. Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor 

  7. When…….

  8. When Prayer Feels Counterproductive

  9. Today’s Youth Want More of the Spirit

  10. Rushing Wind

  11. Cherry Bomb by: Susan Cushman

  12. ANTIFA’s Gay Forefathers

  13. What the meltdown in Illinois might look like. And why any Illinois public employee who supports the fake budget deal being voted on now is going to pay the biggest price of all.

  14. Appearances can be deceiving

  15. Quote of the Day

  16. How to Transition to Live off the Grid with Success

  17. While CNN Obsesses About a Tweet Rep. Steve Scalise is Readmitted to Intensive Care Unit and Poland Cheers Trump…

  18. Shine Bright

  19. A concentrated mind…

  20. Snippet of The Day 07.06.17

  21. Man in the Trees

  22. . . . P R A Y . . .

  23. Hot in Argentina: Rita Hayworth in GILDA (Columbia 1946)

  24. Depression Settles at the Bottom

  25. The Left Sides with Islamic Supremacy Over Gay Rights

  26. The American Mind

  27. Leading from Behind?

  28. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for they are sticking to their diet

  29. CNN tickled pink they smacked down the Trump gif creator

  30. Nothing new to CNN and blackmail

  31. NYPD Officer Assassinated

  32. Quote of the Day


  34. I found my soul sister…..

  35. Endless horizon



  38. July 4th 1776, Independence Day: Liberty Matters


  40. the duality of thoughts

  41. the duality of thoughts

  42. Fireworks

  43. CNN: Cosa Nostra Network

  44. CNN @#FascistArseholes

  45. The Declaration of Independence, in American

  46. Happy Independence Day

  47. One Last Thing….

  48. Quote of the Day

  49. Happy Independence Day!

  50. Have A Classic 4th of July from Cracked Rear Viewer!

  51. Fourth of July

  52. You Magnificent Bastard

  53. Happy Forth of July theunfetteredpreacher

  54. Woman’s “Top 10 Reasons I Am No Longer A Leftist” Goes Viral

  55. Happy Fourth…this will make yours happier….

  56. Happy 4th!

  57. Happy Independence Day 2017


  59. “It Can’t Happen Here”… Oh Yes it CAN!

  60. The Road That Never Ended

  61. You Judging Others

  62. VIDEO The Founding Forefathers Meant to Unite by Dividing with Truth

  63. Throwing In The Towel ~

  64. That’s Blaxploitation! 10: HELL UP IN HARLEM (AIP 1973)

  65. a day without laughter is a day wasted!

  66. Evening Meditation 7-3-17

  67. Contrast President Donald Trump and Barack Obama

  68. World of Dance 2017 – Les Twins: The Duels (Full Performance)

  69. They can’t help themselves

  70. July 4th 1776

  71. Happy birthday, Christoph

  72. Sunday funnies

  73. If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done

  74. Happy Independence Day!

  75. A cue from Britain right on time

  76. Mark Levin talks ‘Rediscovering Americanism’

  77. Quote of the Day

  78. Declaration of Independence – July 4, 1776

  79. Trump and Twitter…

  80. Just a Thought

  81. Love, strength and courage…

  82. If We Were to Listen ~

  83. Hope for today: the One who lifts my head

  84. A Big Screen, Some Popcorn, and JAWS (Universal 1975)

  85. Aloe

  86. Are Trump’s Joe/Mika tweets strategic?

  87. Happy Canada Day — Caturday edition

  88. Sunday Respite – This is my Country

  89. Otto’s prescient statement

  90. VIDEO University to remove cross and Bibles from campus chapel – Good to know where liberals finally draw a line

  91. Quote of the Day

  92. History

  93. I Love America 5k and Liberty 1 Mile Fun Run

  94. Thank God President Trump stands up against the fake news malicious media

  95. Snippet of The Day 07.01.17

  96. Serving with ulterior motives…

  97. The July 2017 Breakthrough Prophetic Word

  98. PETA Asks Twitter For ‘Reasons To Eat Bacon’ – PETA Immediately Regrets It

  99. Canada Day – 150 Years !

  100. Evening Meditation 6-30-17

  101. Releasing the Holy Spirit’s Power

  102. Rape Survivor Fighting for Campus Carry Laws

  103. Hope for today: the Lord will rescue

  104. New Internet!!

  105. Leftie reporters suddenly worry about their safety

  106. GOP Donors Slap Down to Congress on Progress

  107. Quote of the Day

  108. The Leftist Way

  109. Friday happy dance

  110. Anger

  111. Donald Trump Finally Gets With Program: Repeal Now, Replace Later




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