Links To Some Uplifting Posts (7-4-2017)



  1. Key To Making America Great Again And Safe Again

  2. Ela entrou numa missão para retratar pais que desafiam os estereótipos de figura secundária   (She went on a mission to portray parents who challenge secondary figure stereotypes)

  3. School’s Out for Summer

  4. Toddler Poses With Teenage Parents, 17 Years Later Looks Closely At Photo And Exposes Truth

  5. Everyday Heroes: Newberg women inspire hope…one sign at a time

  6. Watch a former US Special forces soldier run through ISIS gunfire to save a little civilian girl in Mosul

  7. 4 Kids Take The Stage, Belt Out Classic Hymn With A Twist Like You’ve Never Heard Before

  8. Cop Spots 70-Year-Old Veteran Walking on Busy Highway. Old Man’s Confession Breaks His Heart in Two

  9. He Stops Car in Middle of Road After Seeing Homeless Man Crawling on Scorching Hot Pavement

  10. Lessons of Love

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