Independence Day


God, Bible, Cross

Remember on your cook out, beach trip, or whatever you do on the 4th of July what Independence Day  is all about.

Words from John Wayne on America.

When President Ronald Reagan said “we must fight”, he wasn’t just talking about our military. He was also talking about the American citizen. We must fight to keep our freedom. This means voting for people who will stand up for freedom and the American people. Not some spineless weasel who would rather stick up for illegal immigrants or radical Islam than their fellow Americans. Not a feckless weasel who says one thing, caves then does the opposite.  Not a treacherous weasel who tries to control and divide the American people. It is up to the American citizen to keep the spineless, treacherous, and the feckless weasels out. It is up to the American citizen to let our representatives, senators, and president know their doing us wrong when they do. They need to fix this problem. They need to put the American citizens first not their agendas. If they don’t fix the problem, their butts should be out the door. The American people should vote them out. When our leaders try to take our freedom, try to leave us defenseless, leave our borders unprotected, it is up to the American people to fight back. This is what our founding fathers gave us when they wrote our Constitution. Our founding fathers’ hearts was thinking of the future of their new republic.


I couldn’t think on words for a prayer for our country in this post but this song comes to mind.

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