A Person With Bad Issues Or A Little Miss Goody Two Shoes?


What brought this post on. The other day I was thinking about my high school years. I had friends call me “Little Miss Goody Two Shoes” or “Little Mary Sunshine”. I don’t believe they meant it as bad but had something to do my attitude back then and some old fashion values.. I tried to prove to them once I wasn’t so by skipping school one day with one of them.  I won’t talk about it that in it self is for a possible post for another day.

I want to set the record straight just in case one them are reading my blog. For one, I have more than two shoes, Open-mouthed smile. Two, I am not little. Three, because I think sharing, smiling, laughing, being uplifting, encouraging others, kindness and compassion are cool things does not make me a goody person. It means I have a niche in this world. I use the talents the Good Lord gave me. My days aren’t a every day of sunshine.

I have issues like everybody else. Let me tell you about them.

  1. I have issues with my health (congested heart failure, Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, and a couple of others). It drives me crazy. I am tired of doctors, hospitals, and test. I keep on-going to improve my health with diet and exercise. I flubbed up on some days and try again the next next day. I did manage to quit smoking 7 years ago this month.
  2. I have issues with some phrases. One being “This just restored my faith in humanity.” You can read why here.
  3. Some would say I have a bad issue because I am a Christian Conservative.  They say I am dangerous to society. They considered this a real big issue, Confused smile. I might convert them to Jesus. I don’t care I consider it a good issue.
  4. I have issues with politicians (Democrats and Republicans). Some I can’t stand to listen too. They give me heart problems with their agendas and lies. There are some I find myself wondering if their from Earth. They talk a strange language that makes me roll my eyes in confusion, and  look at at them like they are from mars. I could go on about this but I won’t. I won’t say some have the morals of a tomcat and villains. Yes, I tend to be a prude.
  5. I have issues with Global warming. Yes I am one of those deniers. Some think I should be in prison for having a different belief from them. I thought different thinking was good for debate not lock up.
  6. I do have issues with some “save the animal” people. Don’t get me wrong here. I believe in protecting animals and not abusing them. I don’t believe in trophy hunting. The ones I am talking about are the ones that have the nerve to tell me to talk the bear out of trying to attack me before I shot it. A bear is coming at me with an attempt to murder me and you want me talk it out of killing me. Hello! That is one of those get real kind of things. If a bear tries to kill me it is going before I do. I call it self-preservation and defending myself.
  7. I have another bad issue I believe a person has a right to own a gun. I know I am probably shocking some of you with this one. Why do I believe this? Some conspiracy theories can be and are true. Read what Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and some others did to their fellow countrymen after gun confiscation. I believe in defending myself and others from thugs, terrorist, and tyrants. A note: I believe God protects me. God also told me to be wise and not  about a fool’s follies in the Bible. I praise Him everyday for protecting me and mine that I don’t have to use a gun, or other instruments on a fool’s follies. I hope I explained this to where you understand where I am coming from. 
  8. I have issues with being a smart butt. I have to say I got it honestly. It runs in my family.

A person with bad issues? Or A Little Miss Goody Two Shoes? Or in between? Or just being me?

2 thoughts on “A Person With Bad Issues Or A Little Miss Goody Two Shoes?

  1. I’m impressed you were willing to put all this out in the open. Here’s the beauty when people respect each other; they’re allowed to disagree RESPECTFULLY. For example, I believe there is a component to global warming, however, I also believe there is an agenda these advocates are pursuing. I think a more intelligent conversation would be based on levels of pollution. If our political discussion was more focused on improving air quality, I think more people would come together. Regardless, I support your rights to your opinions and encourage discussion. How are we to formulate new ideas and beliefs if we’re only willing to listen to people who believe as we do?

    We are only two people, but if we can disagree and still like and respect each other, the rest of the world can learn a lot from our behavior.

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