Have You Heard


Have You Heard

Have you heard a leader can only take one road of two, road to betterment or road to destruction.

Have you heard of John F. Kennedy? He lead a competition against Russia for outer space and inspired Americans to dream of going to the moon and possibly Mars.

Have you heard of Martin Luther King Jr.?A warrior who fought for equality for his race and dreamed of all races holding hands together.

Have you heard of Ronald Reagan? A leader of a nation engaging against the evil empire by no weapons, just strong words and standing his ground.

Have you heard of Jim Jones? He lead 900 people to a place called Jonestown in the name of his religion and lead them to death.

Have you heard of Winston Churchill? He encouraged his fellow Englishman during the darkest days of Hitler.

Have you heard of Mother Teresa? A nun going to India to help the poor?

Have you heard of Margret Thatcher? The Iron Lady determined to keep England on the right track away from Socialism.

Have you heard of Joseph Stalin? A leader was paranoid enough to kill and scheme against friends and foe. He lead millions of Ukrainians to their death in the name of a fraud scheme of famine.

Have you heard of Mao? His cause was Communism and control that lead to the death of millions.

Have you heard of Hitler? He blamed the Jews for Germany’s woes and executed 6 million of them.

Have you heard a leader leading a cause of just causes? He took the road of betterment for people.

Have you heard of leader leading a cause of unjust causes? He took the road of destruction of others.

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