Start A Fire In Our Souls


Dear God, I ask you to have mercy on us. We are doing wrong. Teach us your ways and helps us to restore our country, our government, our media, our church, heal our land, put love in our hearts for others. We can’t do it without you. Give us leaders, who will love their fellow country man, others, and will do us right. Dear God, start a fire in our souls and our leaders’ soul to do right. Show us where to start. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Start A Fire In Our Souls

  1. Our country has lost its focus on life. We fuel our bodies and our minds with anger and hatred and use it as our source of energy. We unleash rather than discuss, we judge and accuse rather than welcoming new ideas in a voice of tolerance. This is a path of great damage if we choose to remain on it. We are in desperate need of an awakening. Spirituality provides one method teaching us to seek commonality and good in each other.
    I hope we open our eyes to this reality before irreversible harm is done.

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