Wrench Throwers


wrench thrower

Do you know what a wrench thrower is? A wrench thrower is a person who would throw a wrench at the sun to keep the sunshine from beaming on them. They can’t see good in a act of compassion and try to bring others joy down to real low.  Some call them joy killers.

What about the wrench throwers you ask? I didn’t mention in my post “I Don’t Know What You Call This An Observation, A Challenge, Or Stepping On Top Of A Soapbox.” I wrote a rant about the complainers (wrench throwers) on the next day batkid took San Francisco by storm here. Below is what I wrote that day.

I don’t understand the “wrench throwing” people. You know the kind of people when something good happens they have throw a wrench in to the works to make the good seem bad.

Yesterday, Make–A-Wish and San Francisco made wish of a 5 year old boy with leukemia come true. The boy got to be #Batkid for a day and chase crooks.  He saved the city in a pretend wish. It was great what Make–A-Wish and San Francisco did for the kid. The best of humanity showed up for the boy.

The hashtag #Batkid was full of tweets telling how the story made them cry, thanking the Batkid for saving the city, and saying how awesome he was. Then came some “wrench throwing” people who couldn’t let the feel good moments be. One lady’s tweet hoped racism wasn’t involved because the kid was white. (Yea, that tweet was the Meathead Of The Day Tweet.) There were some people tweeted their faith in humanity came up notch. Their tweet sounded like the good kind of stuff doesn’t happen a lot only bad. There were people who mentioned what Obama and Nancy Pelosi said about the #Batkid. That bummed me out so I left the hashtag. Not everything should have Obama or Pelosi in it.

Soapbox Time-I may not understand why these “wrench throwers” do this kind of stuff but I do have advice for them. Some of it is Biblical advice. The people who have to see racism in almost everything need to take off the racism colored glass off and get off the white guilt planet. You would see not everything is dark in racism and some things are beautiful with good.

For the people don’t see good stuff happen like the #Batkid happen too little. Look around you. There are people around you who do kind things like the kitchen soup people who serve food to the poor, there are churches who help the poor and prisoners, etc. If you don’t see the kindness, start it yourself. Help open a door for someone with a walker or wheelchair. Give a dollar or two to help some one homeless. Give a ride to the grocery store or doctor for an elderly person. Even giving a elderly person a hug will brighten their day. These are suggestions. It can start with you.

I repeat “Not everything should have Obama or Pelosi in it.”

Yes, I have issues but God is helping me with it, Smile.

4 thoughts on “Wrench Throwers

  1. We can’t let these people monopolize our lives. Their negativity distracts us from a path of goodness and quality. We must pay them a “smile” and move on so we can pursue our purposes in life!

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