Have You Ever Wondered Why…



You haven’t been arrested for putting post up like resistance, reformers, fighting,  and war.

  1. Rise Up-Jose Palos

  2. You’re A Reformer-?

  3. Sticky Note For Today (10-20-2015)

  4. Waging War-Cece Winans

  5. The Ancient War Cry-Eric Lundy

  6. The Resistance-Mattie Montgomery

  7. You’re Revolutionary-Pastor Daniel Norris

  8. Raising The Standard

  9. Conquer With Kindness, Raising The Banner

  10. Keep Fighting

  11. W Is For Warrior (Updated)

  12. Warning To Rich Oppressors

  13. Remember God Will Strike Down Our Enemies

  14. Distraction 101-Let’s Roll

  15. Are You A Revolutionary? Are You Part Of The Resistance? The Ancient War Cry

  16. Good Fight-Unspoken

  17. Fight For The Truth

  18. Born A Fighter-Alex Basilavecchio

  19. Did You Come To Fight-Deon Washington

  20. Pastor Wrinkles’ Quips & Quotes 2-21-16

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