I Don’t Know What You Call This An Observation, A Challenge, Or Stepping On Top Of A Soapbox.




I was thinking about Miles Scott a few days ago. Do you remember Miles Scott (Aka Batkid)? I do. My heart rejoice about the event. I was even thanking God for San Francisco that the city did a compassionate thing for Miles to give him his wish.

I remembered going to Twitter to see what people were saying about the wish Miles got. Some people were happy to see such compassion from and for their fellow human beings. Some took pride in their city of San Francisco. There were a few people that were-well-thought it was bah humbug, no big deal. One did expect some people like that.

Then there were people that said  “This just restored my faith in humanity.”   When I first saw a tweet like that on Miles’ day my jaw about hit my desk in surprise. Basically, the tweet sounded like a complain like they never heard of or saw kindness before from a human.

Which brings me to thinking about we’re hearing negative news. People don’t want to just hear bad news all the time but want to hear some good news too. Yet it is rare people get good news sneaking through the cracks of the bad news. One could get thoughts how “horrible my fellow human beings are and there nothing good about them”.

I have got good news. We could step up to the plate and create our own good news. One act of compassion can spread who knows where. One person can make a difference. Look what Jesus did. Look at what Martin Luther King did. Gandhi. Standing up for what is right can bring about change. Encouraging someone can bring a change from the negative. Didn’t for one day San Francisco show love for one of their little neighbors and make him smile? We could do the same.

Okay, I am stepping off the soapbox now. Is there anybody that wants to get on the soapbox now?

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