The Weekly Headlines


I am putting  The Weekly Headlines out today because I won’t be blogging for the next 4 days. I with my mom will be celebrating Mother’s Day up in Fort Wayne with my sister, Reggi.

Breaking News

  1. Friday happy dance 

  2. We Aren’t Alike

  3. Baby Toons


  5. Losses, and Despair

  6. King Solomon, Chicago Gangs, Culpability, American Hero

  7. Meow Mix

  8. A Pig is a Pig is a Pig

  9. The Promise of Liberty

  10. Love

  11. America Was Founded As A Christian Nation By Christians That Believed That The Bible Is The Word Of God

  12. Powerful Poetry…

  13. Stop The Presses!

  14. Here is the real James Comey – Let’s take a look

  15. Quote of the Day

  16. Gingrich on Comey Firing

  17. Obama the Classless, the mind of a liberal, blacks need understanding, and other stuff…

  18. FBI Director James Comey: No more love…

  19. Ways I keep my Spirits up.. and fight off depression

  20. Sheeple of the Left 

  21. An Open Letter to Sheila Jackson Lee from a ticked-off Conservative Mom

  22. BREAKING: President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey…


  24. Good news.. 

  25. Dinosaur Exhibit – Huntsville Botanical Garden 

  26. Snippet of The Day 05.09.17

  27. Cabo De Hornos

  28. Mr Nasty.

  29. Heel with a Heart: Dan Duryea in THE UNDERWORLD STORY (United Artists 1950)

  30. Evening Meditation 5-8-17

  31. I Don’t Need You

  32. Sally Yates Testifies She Has Never Been Questioned By FBI About Intelligence Leaks to Media…

  33. Canadian Nazis

  34. Harvard does separate and equal, by choice

  35. Please Welcome Our New Sponsor

  36. Quote of the Day

  37. Macron wins, France loses

  38. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — two-wheeler edition

  39. Happy V-E Day

  40. Wild Bill: France Defeats Itself…

  41. Why Europeans Are Willing Accomplices to Their Own Cultural Suicide 

  42. Japanese Airborne Attack 11th Airborne

  43. Jo’s Monday walk : Bristol Blues!

  44. Hope for today: equipped by God

  45. God refuses to be that small

  46. Diving Kona Hawaii: Harlequin Shrimp at Day, Manta Rays at Night

  47. VIDEO Warning: Venezuela Just Suspended Civilian Gun Rights for 180 Days – Trump Admin Calls For Quick Resolution

  48. True Profession Is From the Heart

  49. Weekend Coffee Share 05/07/17


  51. Bloggers Bash Award

  52. Ivanka Trump to “review” Paris Climate Change Agreement

  53. 6th exercise in digital painting

  54. The New Wave of Politicians for 2018 – Beware Patriots

  55. Quote of the Day

  56. Happy birthday, Johannes

  57. Happy birthday, Peter

  58. Sunday Fun Video: Father blasts school board for teaching kids Islam…

  59. France elects its first woman President 

  60. Virginia Police Officer Denied Service At Restaurant

  61. HELL YEAH!

  62. One in Eight Million: THE NAKED CITY (Universal-International 1948)

  63. 5th Race Completed

  64. Leaving on a jet plane

  65. Casabonita!

  66. Obamacare has no cures

  67. Quote of the Day

  68. Rep.Raul Labrador (R-ID) annihilates lefty group Indivisible in Coeur d’Alene…

  69. Dangerous Faggot 


  71. a very special day in May

  72. Spirit, Soul, Body

  73. Facebook Researching Ways to Target Vulnerable Young People

  74. Evening Meditation 5-5-17

  75. Happy 4th of July

  76. They found me…

  77. WikiLeaks latest dump – CIA tool infects networks, allows CIA to monitor

  78. Ripples in a world of news

  79. Quote of the Day

  80. Left Wing Group “Indivisible” comes to Coeur d’Alene…




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