Links To Some Uplifting Posts (5-9-2017)



  1. Feeling Blessed

  2. An “Aussie” Story

  3. Days Before Huge Test, 6th Year Teachers Send Home Sweetest Note Of Encouragement.

  4. Parents of Terminally Ill Kids Wrote Prince Harry a Letter. They Didn’t Expect Him to Respond

  5. Little girl hasn’t seen Army dad in years, has no idea he’s about to sneak up behind her

  6. Após cruzar com um morador de rua por 3 anos, ela parou para o conhecer e acabou mudando sua vida   (After crossing with a homeless person for 3 years, she stopped to meet him and ended up changing her life)

  7. Boy Won’t Go To Mother-Son Dance Because Mom Isn’t Around, Then Principal Pulls Him Aside

  8. Restaurant Installs Fridge Outside So That People In Need Can Take Leftovers

  9. Denver police let terminally ill 6-year-old girl fight crime for a day

  10. Employee’s Powerful Encounter With Grieving Couple Shows Why Hobby Lobby’s Core Values Matter

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