The Weekly Headlines



  1. A Near Cat-astrophe !  

  2. One Hit Wonders #1: “The Night Chicago Died” by Paper Lace (1974)

  3. Where all guilty

  4. Consider Yourself Blessed


  6. Ministering To Others

  7. Without God, Freedom Becomes Slavery

  8. I’ve told the truth, I didn’t come to fool you

  9. America

  10. Trayvon Martin to get Aeronautical Science degree posthumously

  11. Quote of the Day

  12. Is There Gay Genocide in Chechnya? Does Anyone Care? 

  13. Musclebound Mess: HERCULES IN NEW YORK (RAF Industries 1969)

  14. Here’s to the Ones Who Dream

  15. Journal 44.2

  16. Vote tally Count House vote of gov funding bill until September 2017

  17. Double standards, Comey’s lame excuses

  18. Quote of the Day

  19. Happy International Firefighters’ Day

  20. Sometimes it’s fun to watch, part II  

  21. Me

  22. Quote of the Day

  23. Bibliophile humor

  24. Trump Declared Cocks*cker…

  25. This Trump Ad Was Banned By CNN: First 100 Days

  26. Flashback 

  27. Weekend Coffee Post 04/30/17

  28. Pre Code Confidential #11: THE MALTESE FALCON (Warner Brothers 1931)

  29. Firefly

  30. Rebel Media-now in Australia!

  31. Social Media

  32. Rush on Budget fiasco: ‘Why is anybody voting Republican, if this is what happens when we win

  33. Quotes About Helping Others

  34. Quote of the Day

  35. Camouflage experts

  36. A few May Day observations…

  37. ‘I Call it Deface the Nation’: Trump Trolls John Dickerson to His Face

  38. Bill Maher calls Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”

  39. Republicans Prove Again That Elections Don’t Matter 

  40. Snowflakes Prove Again That Truth Melts Them 

  41. More Ch-Ch-Changes at Cracked Rear Viewer!


  43. Candle of Hope

  44. Writing Bad Reviews for Profit

  45. When Morning Comes

  46. VIDEO Just how powerful is Pres. Trump’s North Korean ‘Armada’? – US Warships To NK, Another Failed Launch

  47. Hell Bent for Vengeance: Randolph Scott in DECISION AT SUNDOWN (Columbia 1957)

  48. 10 Things I Want From Life

  49. Peeking Inside My Toolbox

  50. Shatner’s World: We just live in it

  51. Update

  52. Civics – Constitution vs Propaganda

  53. Quote of the Day

  54. Happy Caturday

  55. Books: The good, the bad, and the very ugly…

  56. Against ethnic identitarianism 

  57. Animal beauty

  58. Going with the flow

  59. Hey Grandpa!!! What’s for Supper???

  60. 319: I Need A Holiday !

  61. Hope for today: justice

  62. Tired

  63. Coming Catastrophes

  64. Setting Goals That Last

  65. Keep Calm and Blame Canada

  66. All The Ways I’m Told I’m Stupid Everyday

  67. North Korea

  68. Pope walks like an Egyptian

  69. Quotes On Hope 

  70. Quote of the Day

  71. Trump Administration About To Throw Michelle Obama School Lunch Rules In The Crapper

  72. For Ayn Rand fans: a ghost 

  73. Leftists Live in a Fantasy World


Red heart  Be A Blessing.  Red heart

Pointing up  Be The Salt.  Pointing up

Sun  Be The Light  Sun

Storm cloud  Dance In The Rain  Storm cloud

Red rose  Thank You For Visiting  Red rose

2 thoughts on “The Weekly Headlines

  1. Thank you, thank you, for sharing all these posts!
    Sorry I missed this, don’t know how, but I’m here now, thank you.
    I’m off to share and visit. 🙂
    Hope this week treats you kindly. 🙂

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