The Weekly Headlines



  1. NEW Bible Study! A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit | Read an Excerpt

  2. Warn My People, Warn Them!

  3. “Ride the Wind: A Prophetic Word About Turning the Tables” 

  4. Applying The Scriptures To Your Life

  5. Judgment Has Been Declared! 

  6. My REALISTIC Exercise Video

  7. Secretary Rex Tillerson Remarks on North Korea to U.N. Security Council “The Time Has Come”…

  8. Building a Street Army

  9. A Blanket Beware

  10. Sh!tty Leftists

  11. Rat Pack – 3 = FOUR FOR TEXAS (Warner Brothers 1963)

  12. Why Study the Bible

  13. Three Strikes Means You’re Out, Speaker Ryan

  14. It’s a Blizzard

  15. She

  16. Huma Abedin’s relatives under indictment – first we get the low hanging fruit

  17. The Trauma From Obama

  18. The Skinny on Media Leftinistas

  19. Quote of the Day

  20. Antifa: A Terrorist, Criminal Conspiracy as dangerous as the Mafia 

  21. The secret OF success

  22. Learning Never Stops. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

  23. Fight Like a Girl – Kalie Shorr

  24. King Solomon, Pot Politician Sluggards Need More Training? 

  25. Hope for today: rescued

  26. Pacific Paratrooper by GP Cox

  27. Eye Witness Account for Leyte

  28. Is It Possible To Integrate Biblical Values Into Your Professional Life?

  29. VIDEO Judge Who Issued Trump Sanctuary City Order Bundled $200K for MB Obama – Judge Shopping

  30. Selling human body parts is a felony

  31. Why I ditched my Bible Reading Plan

  32. 15 Things I’m Aware of on World Autism Awareness Day

  33. Spicer Calls Out Sanctuary Cities: They ‘Have the Blood of Dead Americans on Their Hands’ (VIDEO)

  34. The Media Cold War has Gone Hot

  35. Pain

  36. Napolitano’s UC hid $175 million while demanding money, audit says

  37. Quote of the Day

  38. Put on a happy face

  39. I’m predicting a super fun weekend of riots and beat downs…

  40. The Left Remains Mired in Delusional Paranoia About Christian Theocracy 

  41. What are Your Study Habits?

  42. Wisdom Wednesday

  43. Let Life Flow

  44. The Wrong Kind of Attention?

  45. Book Review: STICK IT! MY LIFE OF SEX, DRUMS, AND ROCK’N’ROLL by Carmine Appice with Ian Gitting (Chicago Review Press 2016)

  46. Take your time, hurry up

  47. Is Ann Coulter on a suicide mission as she goes to Berkeley?

  48. Obama’s preface, in the unspoken

  49. Quote of the Day

  50. Lou Dobbs Rips Speaker Paul Ryan

  51. Going down swinging

  52. Wild Bill: Democrats – The Party of the Damned…

  53. RIP Patriot and Vietnam Vet “Mad Jack” Watson…

  54. Once more, the media lied to me 

  55. Oh My, What A Mess I Was In

  56. Bones

  57. Message In A Bottle

  58. Vacation

  59. Why the Clintons just won’t go away

  60. Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity will be the first to agree with me…

  61. Trump would beat Clinton on popular vote

  62. Pot, Kettle, Black 

  63. The Cowards of Academia

  64. What Happens To Sales When You Cave In To The Body Positivity Nonsense? Here You Go.

  65. This Lady Says, ‘Hannity Hit On Her’ – Sean’s RESPONSE Is Going VIRAL!

  66. 7 Tips to Recognizing Opportunity

  67. The greatest form of praise…

  68. Weekend Coffee Share 04/23/17

  69. Defeating Worry

  70. VIDEO Open Letter to Politicians: Have Forgotten About We the People – Comey Did Not Trust Lynch, Cover For Hillary


  72. A day in Portimão

  73. Daily 1

  74. How Did NY Gov. Cuomo Make $783,000 From A Book That Sold Only 3,200 Copies?

  75. Feminism : Before And After

  76. Quote of the Day

  77. Some beautiful music for the second Sunday of Easter

  78. Diversity is just another word for uniformity…

  79. He’s Baaa-aaaaaack 

  80. Snippet of The Day 04.23.17

  81. VIDEO Chrislam Opposes Repeal of Johnson Amendment – Dangers of 501 c (3) – Church, The Donald, Free Speech

  82. From the VHS Vault 2: THE VIOLENT YEARS (Headliner Productions 1956)


  84. Back to Portugal

  85. Why I Will Never Be Freshly Pressed

  86. Earth Day 2017

  87. Blogging – Losing Subscribers

  88. Daily

  89. Leave it to Charlie Daniels

  90. Trump’s Memo to FBI Director and Its Significance

  91. Quote of the Day

  92. Happy Caturday — cat bowling edition

  93. French election 2017: Marine Le Pen leading the race as polls open

  94. Chinese Lantern

  95. March for Science and Earth Day…

  96. Just How Long Has This Racket Been In Business? 

  97. Didn’t the Left tell us there’s no voter fraud?

  98. Checking in with Los Feliz


  100. The media and Trump…….

  101. Happy birthday, Randall

  102. Dancing In The Dark

  103. “Extremism in Defense of Liberty is No Vice”

  104. Blogger Confession

  105. United’s quest for customer satisfaction

  106. Mark Steyn: Security is the new shutup to conservatives

  107. Quote of the Day

  108. Friday happy dance

  109. What Deceit and Malice Look Like 

  110. Advice to Democrats; Don’t Change



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4 thoughts on “The Weekly Headlines

  1. There I am, # 26 and # 27 – how fantastic is that?!! Thank you!
    You also have so many others that I follow and have outstanding sites. Your site is a treasure trove!

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