Send Me Lord

The reason why Isaiah is one of my favorites because of what he did in chapter 6 of Isaiah. The chapter put in my head of what is going on. I can picture the throne room pure white with gorgeous colored angels flying around, singing praises to the Lord.  I can actually picture Isaiah’s woe of being in the throne room, in God’s lovely presents, knowing he is a sinner and been with sinners. I can see God’s mercy on Isaiah by sending the seraphim to clean his lips. The best part I can see in my mind is Isaiah jumping up and down, waving his arms in the air, saying excitingly “Send me! Send me!” I believe Isaiah was thrilled when God gave him the assignment. I want to be like Isaiah in this chapter when God gives me an assignment.

Of course, there is also another part me wonders if I’ll be like Jonah and run, being given an important assignment. I am praying to be one of those ordinary people in the Bible though.

2 thoughts on “Send Me Lord

  1. In my opinion, the answer already lies within each of us. I do not believe our cognitive thinking determines our ultimate actions and responses. It is the soul, the character that determines the path we take. Shape the character while alive on earth and improve the chances of discovering a desirable salvation.

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