The Weekly Headlines


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  1. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 

  2. A Good Friday’s request..

  3. Stay Strong, Stand Firm

  4. What Would Happen If Kim Jong-Un Launched A Nuclear Strike?

  5. Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against Adam Schiff: ‘We Have Info Schiff Disclosed Classified Information’ (VIDEO)

  6. Boat trip

  7. How do I read through Leviticus?

  8. ~ Song A Day Challenge Day 4~

  9. ~ Song A Day Challenge Day 5 ~

  10. Category: Unlimited Names of God

  11. why are you still spinning plates?

  12. Wedding Playlist Suggestion 5

  13. Hope for today: God’s purpose stands

  14. The 15 most useful Google apps


  16. Dear Santa, I Can Explain…12 Links of Christmas Blog Party

  17. Trump’s MOAB Drop Triggered a Tweet You Need to Read 

  18. Daily Denver

  19. Good Friday

  20. Judges Dying In Odd Circumstances Over The Last Year

  21. Quote of the Day – Good Friday

  22. Trump drops really big bomb (the use of the word BOOM is approved) and drops another one on Planned Parenthood (more boom)…

  23. More conspiracy theories become fact – partly, sort of 

  24. RIP in Blues Heaven, J. Geils

  25. Strange Days Indeed: Woody Allen’s SLEEPER (United Artists 1973)



  28. Are you sane?

  29. Imagination Enhances the Creativity of the Soul

  30. You May Say I’m A Dreamer

  31. Paging Gillian Triggs, et al:

  32. A WordPress Question

  33. Muslim comedian who called Trump ‘White Isis’ entertainer for WH Correspondent’s Dinner

  34. Kucinich and Marxist left up to same old agenda

  35. What Is North Korea Planning?

  36. Quote of the Day

  37. Puppy love

  38. Two-minute history lesson

  39. This is NOT Breaking News…

  40. Trump talks about taxes, health insurance, Susan Rice, Putin, and Syria…

  41. Flying United’s “Not So Friendly Skies”

  42. Democrats Crafting a New Image for Flyover Country 

  43. The Stupidity of United

  44. United Airlines Gets DESTROYED ON TWITTER after beating customer to make room for an employee

  45. A Bushmans Memory Of Love

  46. The Lord Is The Stronghold Of My Life

  47. Liberal New Media’s Biggest Challenge: Unionization

  48. The Cat’s Pajamas Birthday Party

  49. Meet the new owner of United Airlines

  50. How about a grade for the world?

  51. Quote of the Day

  52. Happy Passover

  53. One benefit of being old and poor…

  54. Supreme Court: Judge Neil Gorsuch Swearing In Ceremony…

  55. Flying United’s “Not So Friendly Skies”

  56. Growing in the Prophetic may NOT be what you think

  57. An Interesting Question 

  58. United Airlines Introduces New “Maybe Seats” On All Flights

  59. Passover and Easter 2017!

  60. Dear wife, farewell!

  61. On Finishing The Race Well

  62. Chuck Schumer, Dems Who Opposed Judge Gorsuch ‘Godless, Lawless’

  63. Evening Meditation 4-9-17

  64. Syrian survivor to Trump: Thank you (The CNN host looks like someone just ran over her dog.)

  65. The New Civil War

  66. The Dept. of Interior off to a rocky start in cleaning up their piece of the swamp

  67. Having a spat of the royal blue variety

  68. Quote of the Day

  69. Palm Sunday…

  70. The Tyranny of Fake News 

  71. It’s National Unicorn Day!

  72. Just My Opinion

  73. DOA

  74. Syria Strike Reminds World What a P*$$y Obama Was

  75. Dark Western Sky: James Stewart in WINCHESTER ’73 (Universal-International 1950)

  76. Blessed Are The Pure In Heart

  77. Why Lisa Is Currently Furious

  78. FBI Manhunt Underway for Heavily Armed Liberal “Revolution” Extremist Targeting President Trump…

  79. ~ Song A Day Challenge ~

  80. ~ Song A Day Challenge Day 2 ~

  81. Blogging

  82. Quote of the Day

  83. Some beautiful music for Palm Sunday

  84. A Palm Sunday Wish For You

  85. It’s Saturday. How about some feel good stuff…

  86. Lindsey Graham is insane

  87. Syria, Gorsuch, and Duke’s Mayonnaise…

  88. Friday happy dance

  89. ICE Activity Over The Last Two Weeks – Trump’s Promise To Keep America Safe Again In Action

  90. Quote of the Day

  91. Taking A Long Walk With Stupid

  92. Who in the world is Steve Bannon?

  93. Manwich

  94. Australian Government Gender Bender

  95. Time Magazine Gets Roasted After Falsely Claiming Republicans ‘Tore Up Senate Rules’ to Confirm Gorsuch

  96. Staying in the Present Moment

  97. RIP, Ya Hockey Puck: Don Rickles on Film and Television




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