The Weekly Headlines



  1. Change The World 

  2. A Child’s Angel by Erma Bombeck


  4. the muse

  5. The MSM Knew Obama Spied On Trump and LIED To Cover It Up

  6. Thought of The Night: Believe In Yourself

  7. 7 Ways To Survive Your Kitchen

  8. Potential ‘smoking gun’ showing Obama administration spied on Trump team, source says

  9. My dove

  10. The streets of Leeds, U.K. Do we want this here? It’s out of control

  11. Read Their…(ahem) …Lips

  12. Quote of the Day

  13. Bored of education — Math Is Hard™ edition

  14. 18 Major Scandals in Obama’s ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency – Breitbart

  15. Face to Face with the Demonic

  16. Peak Feminism 

  17. 12-Yr-Old Prodigy Sings Duet With Famous Opera Star, But Her Incredible Voice Brings Him To His Knees.

  18. Cat Is Completely Mesmerized When He Learns How To Make Baby Spin Around In Circles


  20. Keep Your Dream


  22. Obama warrantless spying on Trump was sick and disturbing

  23. Monsters Of Cruelty!

  24. Not a one of them spoke a word

  25. BREAKING: 6 House Democrats Commit Treason Against President Trump

  26. Fear And Anxiety

  27. VIDEO Trump In Danger, SS Refusing to do Their Job -False Russia Hack – Polls Numbers Rise – JFK/Trump – False Flag

  28. Green

  29. Evening Meditation 3-22-17

  30. The Case Of Misadventure   Chapter Five

  31. Another Attack by “Asians”

  32. McCain Wants Select Committee Because Nunes Doesn’t Blame Russia, Let Trump Know

  33. Neocon Scum Back In DC

  34. Quote of the Day

  35. Find the owls!

  36. Members of the religion of peace kill innocent people in London…

  37. Conversation Starters 

  38. Leadership With The Heart Of A Mouse

  39. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL BORN IN 1930’s, 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and Early 80’s

  40. Monkey adopts abandoned puppy, when stray dogs attack she protects it with her life.

  41. Baby Won’t Stop Crying, Then Boxer Rushes Over To Comfort Him With Tickles


  43. Help Somebody

  44. Benghazi’s Susan Rice Warns Trump WH Distorting Facts; Twitter Hits Back!

  45. Nunes v Schiff and how Trump fits in

  46. Entering the Uffizi

  47. Safely I’ll keep

  48. Evening Meditation 3-21-17

  49. Roseanne Barr: Every Single Attack on POTUS Is Really a Disguised Attack on American Voters

  50. California Warns Contractors

  51. The Culture of Cardboard Cutouts

  52. Daily

  53. Sanctimonious Sanctuary Cities – Growing Lack of Accountability For Criminal Activity

  54. Quote of the Day

  55. Happy birthday, Johann

  56. The Exact Opposite of Liberalism 

  57. Dianne Feinstein accuses Gorsuch of not being ‘for the little guy’ . . . immediately regrets it

  58. DHS releases list of police departments defying immigration orders

  59. Dreamy Eyes Of Dreams

  60. A case of Misadventure. Chapter three.

  61. Foureye Butterflyfish

  62. It’s Not About the Storms ~

  63. Trump Should Reverse the Bet

  64. Vermont Democrats elect terror-linked FBI investigated Muslim as party chair

  65. FBI Director James Comey nominated for best tap dancer in a government agency…

  66. Horrid, Horrid People 

  67. BOOM: Rush Limbaugh Sets The Internet ON FIRE After Revealing Real Reason For Comey Hearing


  69. King Solomon, Sprint or Marathon.

  70. November 1944 (1)

  71. Friends in Safe Spaces

  72. Meet and Greet

  73. Quote of the Day

  74. Happy vernal equinox

  75. If Only… 

  76. Sipping tea like Kermit

  77. Some days are good

  78. Sunday Funnies!

  79. “Jesus, you can’t fix stupid?”

  80. Sleep Talker

  81. Who Can Find A Virtuous Woman?

  82. The Left Eats Its Own

  83. Not Dead

  84. Japan – Kyoto

  85. Evening Meditation 3-18-17

  86. Federal Judge Green-Lights Lawsuit Against San Jose By Trump Supporters Beaten and Bloodied After Rally

  87. Sunday Respite – ‘How Great Thou Art’

  88. This insidious epidemic must stop

  89. Young Trump Girl: “We’re going to build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it.”

  90. Snowflake Watch

  91. Quote of the Day

  92. Happy Caturday

  93. Another genetic experiment gone awry

  94. Obama: Dead beat dad vacations for a month on private island. Teenage daughter home alone…

  95. School Recruits Students for Super Secret Gay Club 

  96. Killjoys


  98. GUEST POST: Before we blame our children’s choices, did our ACTIONS or INACTIONS influence them?

  99. Snippet of The Day 03.18.17

  100. WPC: Dance

  101. Darkness is beautiful.

  102. Thought(s) for the day

  103. The Holy Task!

  104. Moving on


  106. A Case of Misadventure. Part Two.

  107. Jane’s Blonde: Double Oh Boy !

  108. Daily

  109. GOP Senators Request SoS Tillerson to Investigate Soros Meddling

  110. Quote of the day

  111. President Trump’s Weekly Address


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5 thoughts on “The Weekly Headlines

  1. Thank you for including my latest post on the Pacific War (# 70) to help keep the memories of those who ensured our freedoms alive and in our minds.

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