The Weekly Headlines


    Changes Coming

    1. Your rights end where mine begin… 

    2. To Boycott or Not to Boycott…

    3. Last Ride

    4. 50-Year-Old Confidently Takes The Stage, But When He Hits A High Note The Crowd Goes Wild


    6. Pray for Bro Rob Barkman

    7. Man buys abandoned firehouse for $1, completely renovates and transforms the building

    8. David Cassidy’s nephew, Jack Cassidy, stuns Adam Levine, Alicia Keys on ‘The Voice’

    9. Evening Meditation 3-10-17

    10. A Few of My Favorite Things

    11. Hope for today: one thing I ask

    12. Cop Sees 2-Year-Old Walking Alone.. What She Says Makes Him Realize The Terrible Truth!

    13. I Am The Flag of the United States of America

    14. Always and forever

    15. Ten Year Blogging Anniversary – Memories and Thanks

    16. Starbucks CEO’s Muslim Refugee Comments Hurt Customer Sentiment of Coffee Chain

    17. King Solomon, Are Wikileaks and CIA Wising Up?

    18. Another BOOK?

    19. A Spirited Tanka


    21. Hmmm….

    22. Personal

    23. Huckabee – Something Happened To FBI Director Comey, Needs To Resign

    24. Quote of the Day

    25. North Korea Gets Unexpected Responses to Missile Test Firing

    26. Gold Star Father… Khan’s Travel Privileges Being Reviewed?

    27. Find the potato!

    28. RINOcare should not be passed and here is why….

    29. God has Released his ARMORY of LOVE and the Church is Missing it

    30. Some beautiful music for Sunday

    31. American – patriotic quotes


    33. Crow Creeps Up To German Shepherd And His Ball, But Then Dog Opens His Mouth Wide

    34. Explaining God Through The Eyes Of An 8 Year Old. 

    35. Bitter, Party of One, Your Table is Ready 

    36. Snippet of The Day 02.27.17

    37. #MindfulMonday

    38. See the stars

    39. The OSCARS…..great stuff from Mike Huckabee

    40. Clocking In As Dad!

    41. We Need Each Other

    42. my jolly playmate

    43. Tell President Trump what you think

    44. October 1944 (4)

    45. No easy solution to Turnbull dilemma

    46. Karma & My Cats Greatest Sayings

    47. Evening Meditation 2-26-17


    49. An Intimate Portrait Of A Serbian Family Seeking Asylum In Belgium

    50. How traitors and fools are disarming Australia

    51. Next Women’s March has terrorists heading it up

    52. Wild Bill: Common Sense Self Defense

    53. Quote of the Day

    54. Proof Hollywood is stupid: Watch them announce the wrong Best Picture winner #Oscarssostupid

    55. Oscar Gold 

    56. The Weekly Headlines – My Daily Musing

    57. Snippet of The Day 02.26.17

    58. Your inner explorer…

    59. CNN Interviews Ben Stein about Trump ‘Banning’ the Media—It Backfires…

    60. Same As The Old Boss

    61. King Solomon, Oscars Warning Notice

    62. Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media

    63. Rosa Parks and objective morality

    64. King Solomon, Favorite Wisdom Advice



    67. Character

    68. Hoping and Enduring (Matthew 10)

    69. Rain

    70. Are you afraid to die?

    71. Cabin – extended

    72. A Story the Media doesn’t want told

    73. My Daily

    74. Location for Obama’s Library

    75. Can You Spot The Hypocrisy ?

    76. President Trump’s Weekly Address

    77. Quote of the Day

    78. Happy Caturday

    79. Saturday Snippets, best ever French fries, cleaner laundry, and is the internet making us stupid…

    80. It Has Come to This 

    81. The Dollars Trilogy Pt 3: THE GOOD, THE BAD, & THE UGLY (United Artists 1966)

    82. Evening Meditation 2-25-17

    83. Similarities between Indiana murders & Lyric and Elizabeth

    84. Conservatives take over another Leftist Virtue Signaling hashtag

    85. Adventure

    86. Body Language

    87. Are You A Slave To The Grind

    88. Hillary, Obama…..”PROTEST! RESIST! PERSIST!”

    89. Homicide House

    90. (Yes, I Appreciated What I Had) By Sarah

    91. X-Files and Erik Erikson

    92. Pretty worthless day blogging but I did get to the gym

    93. Greville Street

    94. Compassion

    95. s Feds Continue to Blame Russia, Indiana Officials Expose DHS in Massive 2016 Election Hack

    96. Sean Spicer Host Office Press Gaggle – The Uninvited MSM Members Go Bananas…

    97. L.A. Street Artist Targets Oscars With Mocking Posters on Hollywood and Highland

    98. The Daily Opinion – Life

    99. MSNBC: ‘Slob’ Bannon Looks ‘Homeless,’ Like ‘Dirty Old Man’

    100. Threats foreign and domestic

    101. Blocked and Rolled Media – Press

    102. The 25th Amendment – Leftist Mantra vs the Truth

    103. Quote of the Day

    104. Demonstration Fails In Portland OR; Lesson for Demonstrators – Law and Order Will Prevail

    105. Seizing the Revolution

    106. #Clovergender and #Agefluid 

    107. Even More Stupider Than the Gay Dance Thing Protest


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