The Weekly Headlines


Breaking News


  2. Parents Die In Car Crash, But Instead Of Telling Their Kids, State Trooper Keeps Them All Night

  3. 40 Boys Put on Suits to Stand Up for Their Friend. It Worked. 

  4. BOOHOO: CNN releases smarmy statement about being blocked from White House media gaggle

  5. Two o’clock this morning

  6. Friday happy dance


  8. They Still Wonder Why They Lost

  9. Polls/statistics……….rigged?

  10. You are mine to keep

  11. The Cross That Was Meant For Me


  13. The Dollars Trilogy Pt 2: FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE (United Artists 1965)

  14. FFS! Give it a rest, NZ media.

  15. Federal Judge: ‘Fort Collins cannot order women not to go topless’

  16. ABC tries to quell Shadow fires

  17. Shadow government up and running

  18. Donald Trump’s Oroville Dam

  19. Quote of the Day

  20. Connecticut Woman Slams CT’s Governor on Immigration Law

  21. Feeling squirrelly

  22. Leftists – Intolerant, Hateful, and Not Very Smart…

  23. Adult Leadership: Trump reverses Obama guidelines that promoted schools allowing boys to shower with girls

  24. NY Times new marketing campaign: The truth is more important now than when Obama was President.

  25. Democrat: If Little Girls Don’t Want to Look at Wangs, It Means Their Parents Are Intolerant 

  26. Stupid Protest of the Day 

  27. Evening Meditation 2-23-17

  28. Arizona Senate bill aims to crack down on ‘paid rioters’ & seize their property

  29. James O’Keefe & #ProjectVeritas release ‘CNN tapes’ online (VIDEO)

  30. Snippet of The Day 02.23.17

  31. Angel in the wind

  32. The Folding of our Flag:  theunfetteredpreacher

  33. Imaginary Conversation with My Wife

  34. He Restores My Soul

  35. I AM SO LAZY…

  36. King Solomon, Oscars Warning Notice

  37. DOJ statement on transgender bathrooms

  38. October 1944 (3)

  39. Martin Luther King, Jr Quote…

  40. Menino de 11 anos que sofria bullying faz sucesso – e dinheiro – dando conselhos no metrô de Nova York   (11-year-old bullying boy makes success – and money – giving advice on New York subway_

  41. Focus on Fountain’s Abbey

  42. Not the Russians! THE DNC? yup

  43. I belong to No One

  44. Wounds


  46. 7 ways to resolve conflicts

  47. Amazing! Trump Cuts US Debt by $12 Billion In His First Month

  48. Draining the Swamp…..

  49. There’s blasphemy…and then there’s blasphemy.

  50. Blogging

  51. Mika Brzezinski Our Job Is to Control Exactly What People Think

  52. Maxine sees scumbags everywhere

  53. Has Senile Ol McCain

  54. Quote of the Day

  55. You have been warned

  56. NBC puts out a disgusting piece of trash video using children as props…

  57. Meanwhile, Back at the Asylum 

  58. Evening Meditation 2-22-17

  59. Our puppies.

  60. Quirky Quotes 22.02.2017


  62. Poetry

  63. Never to be Forgotten: The Jewish Quarter in Amsterdam

  64. The End Of Identity Politics

  65. King Solomon, Intriguers, North Korea, Shakespeare

  66. Wisdom Wednesday

  67. Random: The Lost Ones

  68. Godly Parents Cannot Convert Their Children


  70. Sinners Wanted (Matthew 9:9-13)

  71. Médico opera brinquedo para que criança se sinta mais tranquila   (Doctor operates toy for child to feel quieter)

  72. A Valid Observation?

  73. Gala Celebration For Domestic Workers

  74. Hearing Gods’ voice

  75. New poll has JAW-DROPPING message for Dems – Barack sparks civil war within own party, call him the devil

  76. “Can I have my pigs back?”

  77. Love Bridges the Gap

  78. The 12th of Never

  79. Is James O’Keefe About To Smoke CNN? Tells Hannity He’s Set To Release “Hundreds of Hours” Of Newsroom Footage “Wikileaks Style”

  80. Tired

  81. Pope Francis: ‘Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist’

  82. CIA Secret Agent Snowflake UPDATE

  83. Quote of the Day

  84. Find the panda hiding among the elephants!

  85. The Mainstream Media Have Forfeited All Respect

  86. Kurt Schlichter nails it again: President Trump Has Been Far Too Nice To The Mainstream Media…

  87. Trump Derangement Syndrome: Rep. Maxine Waters calls Sec. Tillerson and Trump advisors “Scumbags”

  88. The Trump Presidency So Far 

  89. The Scandal You Aren’t Hearing About 

  90. Hakkında   (About)

  91. The Dollars Trilogy Pt 1: A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS (United Artists 1964)

  92. Evening Meditation 2-21-17

  93. Not Yet

  94. Wish you were here



  97. ‘I’m a Dead Man Walking’

  98. VIDEO Trump Just Found The Leak! Look What Trump Will Do To Them Now – Needs to Purge WH Staff And Start Fresh

  99. What’s Your Claim To Fame?

  100. Did You Know Obama’s Immigration Raids Closed Restaurants BEFORE the Election?


  102. Fake Islamophobia

  103. How the Bottle Drank Me

  104. Meet ‘Sensitivity Readers’ looking for thought crimes prior to publication

  105. Enemy within: Media War on the People

  106. Real News That the MSM Does Not Have Time To Report

  107. Quote of the Day

  108. Hannity: The press has declared war on the American people

  109. Knit wits

  110. Pearls With Corduroy? Are You Mad? 

  111. The Stupid, It Burns 

  112. Evening Meditation 2-20-17

  113. Milo in, Milo out…

  114. ALL THAT GLITTERS . . .

  115. You’re everywhere

  116. Closure and Reassurance

  117. THORN

  118. whose the weirdo?

  119. Chimp In Recovery

  120. October 1944 (2)

  121. Happy President’s Day

  122. Jo’s Monday walk : Spring at Crook Hall, Durham

  123. Prayer For Father

  124. Clownfish: Facts, Pictures and Video!

  125. Can you write a 5-sentence post?

  126. Dave Rubin: Up from progressivism

  127. CNN Changing Name to ‘CNN Satire’ to Match Fake News Reputation

  128. Adopting Yourself – By: Jason C. Cushman

  129. ‘Today, I am a Muslim too’ – Welcome to New York City

  130. Brenan no saint has dirty hands

  131. We Don’t Care Either

  132. Quote of the Day

  133. Congress Should Be Ashamed – Democrats and A Few Republicans Are Holding the Appointments Hostage

  134. Sen. Rand Paul defends President Trump against John McCain attack…

  135. Organizing for Astroturf 

  136. Boys line up in formation, surprise people at airport with an epic flash mob performance

  137. Man buys a school bus, transforms the interior into a comfortable, full-time home

  138. Pity Party in Progress

  139. Evening Meditation 2-19-17


  141. Sunday Talks – Rush Limbaugh Fox News w/ Chris Wallace…

  142. Sunday Faith Blog; Immigration and Abortion..and the worst

  143. McCain….(then please read my Sunday Faith post below this!)

  144. The chasm

  145. Social Media Sucks Sometimes

  146. “You cannot be a feminist and A Christian?”

  147. Authority to Forgive (Matthew 9:1-8)

  148. What No Eye Has Seen

  149. From Twitchy: Chuck Todd steps on another rake

  150. People & Moments Of My Life


  152. The Devil Went Down to Georgia…

  153. From the Files of Random Humor: This is why we can’t be friends???

  154. One Day, She Met a Man

  155. God Uses the Weak To Baffle Those Who Think They Are So High and Mighty

  156. VIDEO AZ Other RINO Senator, Jeff Flake, Up For Reelection, California Group Warns Flake is An Amnesty Sellout

  157. The Game’s Afoot: THE SEVEN-PER-CENT SOLUTION (Universal 1976)

  158. Quote of the Day

  159. Sunday Feel Good Story – Liberalist Vandalism Boomerangs

  160. Patriots in California Standing Up For Their Country

  161. Happy Caturday

  162. The Media Brought This Butthurt on Themselves 


  164. Friends laughed when he gave up his apartment to live in a tent. Then they saw the inside

  165. Ode to Obama: Time to Say Goodbye…

  166. QUESTION: Should The White House LEAKERS Face HARD Prison Time?

  167. Embedded traitors…

  168. Evening Meditation 2-18-17

  169. Charlie Daniels Warns Liberal Protesters Against More Violence

  170. King Solomon, Kudos to Senator Sanders, Cummings, and Lobbing Group

  171. Fight Till Your Last Breath

  172. VERY troubling information from FOX on Flynn and the Administration?

  173. Mike Furber—A Mate

  174. Six word Saturday


  176. Dear virtue signaling celebrities

  177. Missed Chance -Commentary Po.em

  178. The Vision of Dry Bones

  179. VIDEO RFK Jr: Trump ‘Could Be The Greatest President in History If He Wanted To’

  180. by Richard Clowes on Flickr.Tea houses at Yuyuan Gardens – Shanghai, China.

  181. Life is what you make it

  182. On My Bookshelf: Understanding the Bible

  183. California super floods, lessons from the past

  184. Gen. Mattis has heavy lift

  185. The Forgotten Man gaining allies

  186. 2008: Obama campaign talks to Iran — and ghost of Ted Kennedy

  187. More Democrat Email Leaks. Someone Give ‘Em New Condoms, Please.

  188. Quote of the Day


  190. Friday happy dance

  191. Ah, The Vaunted Wit and Intellectual Heft of the Left on Full Display 

  192. The Left Will Eat Itself II

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  1. After including my posts )ct. (1), you have now listed October 1944 (2) and (3), numbers 38 and 120 on your list. You have been an invaluable friend. Thank you.

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