The Weekly Headlines



              1. And the Democrats Want to Block This Guy

              2. Jordan on Refugees: ‘We can’t vet these people’

              3. Friday happy dance 

              4. Recommended Reads #9

              5. Ivanka’s insulted and Dad steps in…..And it’s been done BEFORE!

              6. Why Are Libraries So Under-Appreciated?

              7. moving Merillion

              8. “The Church Impotent: The Feminization of Christianity”

              9. The Battle Within

              10. The Great Manipulators at Time

              11. Infusing Creativity into Your Life in 2017 (Guest Post)

              12. Some honesty

              13. The Three Stooges: Featuring Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren

              14. WARNING! Do Not Eat or Drink

              15. Quote of the Day

              16. Chihuahua or blueberry muffin?

              17. Bumper snickers

              18. Wild Bill: Black Rifle Coffee Company…

              19. Is Trump getting ready to fill Guantanamo back up?

              20. Sally Kohn and Luther Strange

              21. HA! Conservatives take over smug Lefty hashtag #WhyIResist, here are some of the best

              22. “Hope, Yet No Hope. No Hope, Yet Hope”

              23. Matt Drudge Drops BOMB On Republicans In Congress

              24. Giving. Is it a gift.

              25. DEAR PATRIOTS: Are You TIRED Of All The Anti-Trump Protests — Would THIS Be Better?

              26. SPIRIT of AMERICA

              27. Fabrica

              28. Mega Sarcasm from African-American Conservative @ Facebook

              29. Dear Ellen: 3 Uses of Rotary Phones

              30. How Big Is Your Vision

              31. His commands are not burdensome

              32. Wisdom Wednesday

              33. VIDEO What’s Good and Bad About The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 – Constitutional Carry

              34. Saving the Earth Must Be Hard Work….

              35. ‘Yes, they hate you

              36. Bill Kristol: “Lazy” White Working Class Should be replaced by “New Americans”

              37. Maxine Waters Stirring Her Impeachment Latte

              38. Quote of the Day

              39. Wild Bill: The Black Rifle Coffee Company

              40. Prey on words — celebrity edition

              41. Standing Rock Toxic Sludge and Elizabeth Warren…

              42. Stefan Molyneux explains President Trump’s “Muslim” ban…

              43. Jesus tells us to IGNORE certain Apostles, Prophets and Senior Leaders

              44. The Fake Indian and the Propaganda Machine 

              45. Slam-tastic! Stuart Varney BLASTS Elizabeth Warren’s hypocrisy

              46. JUST IN: Trump 1, Iran 0

              47. Beautiful gardens of the World (2)

              48. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Crawling Or Flying

              49. Color Your World – Spring Green and Green Yellow

              50. Billowing clouds

              51. Munch Love

              52. Car VS Shed

              53. Shared from WordPress

              54. Californians have spoken: End Sanctuary Cities or Else!!!!!

              55. Silence

              56. Daily Writing Prompt: Heard

              57. Loving Someone With Alzheimer’s


              59. Sen Warren is SHUT DOWN

              60. A good word there, firmament

              61. Who You Know

              62. Music – Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) Performed by Harry Belafonte

              63. Marie Harf? 

              64. Off With Her Head

              65. Onetime Australian Labor leader less left wing than National Party

              66. Cockeyed Caravan: SULLIVAN’S TRAVELS (Paramount 1941)

              67. Love Is . . .

              68. POISON

              69. Turn

              70. The Left Hates Us – Be Prepared. Now You Know.

              71. Mother Nature Builds a Wall in Canada

              72. Quote of the Day

              73. Pizza Gate, Women’s Strike, and Trump speaks at MacDill Air Force Base…

              74. The Anti-Trump Left Encourages More Violence 

              75. Keep talking, Democrats. Keep talking.

              76. WE WON’T FORGET

              77. Trump supporters are starting to push back and the snowflakes are crying #DNN

              78. Trump Supporters Strike Back

              79. This Week In FAKE NEWS

              80. My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial 2017

              81. Only because it’s funny

              82. Elites Protest a New Revolution

              83. Ice

              84. Senator Warren’s poll numbers are in the tank, plummets to 44 percent

              85. Quote of the Day

              86. Soros Buys Him Some GOPe Whores

              87. Two heads are better than one

              88. Schoolhouse shock

              89. Thought For Today

              90. ‘God Hates Us’: Libs Cry Over Patriots’ Epic Victory

              91. Snippets…

              92. I don’t know if this means any thing but The Patriots DID win the Superbowl

              93. Another Lib’s Journey from Left to Right 

              94. Irony, Chutzpah, or Gall? 

              95. The Weekly Headlines by lafayetteangel

              96. 9th Circuit and Trump

              97. God is a Patriot

              98. They certainly do more damage…

              99. The Meaning of Life

              100. Do not fear change!

              101. “9 OUT OF 10 DON’T KNOW IT”

              102. Making American Football Great Again


              104. Terrorist; What a telling comment

              105. Jo’s Monday walk : Legends of Marim

              106. Sources: Feds identify Philly woman in probe of secret recordings at GOP retreat

              107. Truth in advertising Girl Scout Coookies

              108. Diligence

              109. VIDEO BuzzFeed sued over its publication of uncorroborated Trump dossier – Trump Super Bowl Interview

              110. Fauxcahontas Warren accuses Trump candidates of lying on applications

              111. Quote of the Day

              112. Sunday Fun Video: Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd – F*#%-ing Hilarious!

              113. Lance Wallnau: “5777: The Year Of The Clashing Of Swords!” Lance Wallnau Oct 19, 2016

              114. Mind. Blown.

              115. Trump’s “White Nationalist” Agenda

              116. ‘Does anyone there have a clue?’ Dear NFL, THIS is why your ratings are falling!

              117. How to Fix Sanctuary Cities:Arrest Politicians

              118. Town takes stand after mayor forced to remove Christian flag


              120. Super Bowl Goes Political


              122. Dear Ellen: Tonight’s discussion was about stuff and super powers

              123. Hey Grandpa!!! What’s For Supper???

              124. #NotMySuperbowl

              125. Cleaning Out the DVR Pt 11: Five from the Fifties

              126. When the “TOLERANT” Left Attacks Milo at U.C. Berkeley

              127. Daily

              128. I want my entertainment back

              129. Reminder to the Left

              130. Quote of the Day

              131. Will Gaga Gag Us ?

              132. Some beautiful music for Sunday

              133. Happy Caturday — solar collectors edition

              134. What the media, Democrats and Hollywood have wrought: 6th grader beat up for Make America Great hat…

              135. Well, So Much for That Conspiracy Theory 

              136. “Alternative Facts” Illustrated 

              137. Ten Senior Leaders to Avoid like the Plague, because they are a Plague

              138. America: A Threat on the President’s Life

              139. ‘Boom!’ Tammy Bruce drops a MASSIVE reality bomb on CNN about US dealings with Iran

              140. Democrat Human Rights History by Eddie Wilson (AG PASTOR)

              141. STUPID IN LIGHTS

              142. Happy birthday Hank

              143. Subways

              144. Becoming a Blogger

              145. EVIL QUEEN

              146. King Solomon, Pragmatic, or a Simpleton Judge’s Order, or a Simple Solution?

              147. WHERE IS WINTER?

              148. Midnight “Release” Again – 178 Page FBI Clinton Email Document Release With Interesting Content…

              149. Where you might want to be….3 pictures of peace and calm…

              150. Six Word Saturday

              151. “Like it or not, he’s the man in charge”

              152. VIDEO Annual Prayer Breakfast February 2, 2017

              153. VIDEO Order Destroys CNN -Swine Of Corporate Media Are Terrified Finally A President Who Acts On Behalf of USA

              154. The Painter

              155. The Dishonest Bastards at Reuters

              156. Pain

              157. Hidden Problems and National Diversions

              158. Quote of the Day

              159. Bill O’Reilly on George Soros – Enemy of Democracy and the US

              160. The Unholy Trifecta of the Dark Minds on the Left…

              161. Which Side Is Behaving More Like National Socialists?

              162. Stop Calling Them Liberals by Stacey Lennox


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