The Weekly Headlines

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    1. Good Advice for those over 65 (and maybe even younger)

    2. 2017: Seven Mountains Word of the Lord


    4. A word of Warning and a Word of Encouragement about what you see in the world right now

    5. Australian Media Has a Very Different Understanding of What Just Happened with President Trump…


    7. God Loves Me So MUCH .. .

    8. Stop Calling Them Liberals by Stacey Lennox

    9. A Warning and a Prayer

    10. never forget you’re someone special!


    12. Frosty

    13. The National party’s thought police

    14. God-Planned Days

    15. VIDEO Trump’s First EO Guts IRS Enforcement “Frees Middle Class of ObamaCare Penalties”

    16. The Party’s Over: Dean Martin in MR. RICCO (MGM 1975)

    17. UC President Janet Napolitano Played Key Role in Providing Sanctuary to Illegal Aliens

    18. It’s time.

    19. Truth

    20. Hidden Problems and National Diversions

    21. PJ Watson: The Truth About the Berkeley Riot

    22. Tillerson gives first speech as Secretary of State

    23. Quote of the Day

    24. Many are cold, but few are frozen

    25. Happy Groundhog Day

    26. 2nd Amendment Heroes: House Republicans move to scrap background checks for disabled Social Security recipients

    27. Fashion for Fascists 

    28. Looking up

    29. You may be intellectually cripple…

    30. Wisdom Wednesday

    31. Be Kind to Your Sisters…

    32. My Haiku Addiction

    33. Figuring Life Out With Every Word I Write: An Open Invitation..

    34. There’s No Crying In Blogging!

    35. For Fame & Fortune – Young Fighters

    36. They’re petrified of anything that doesn’t conform.

    37. Dear Ellen: My husband crossed over to the dark side


    39. Yep

    40. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Confirmed 56-43…

    41. Trump Tweets: Threatens to Take Away Federal Funds from UC Berkeley for Preventing Free Speech with Violence

    42. Clinton Team now blaming Obama

    43. Daily Denver

    44. Senate GOP Committee suspends rules, Dems boycott, Mnuchin Price advance

    45. Groundhog Day: state of climate

    46. Quote of the Day

    47. According to Minneapolis StarTrib “protesters” are wearing out their welcome…

    48. Let Them In 

    49. Another Day, Another Riot

    50. These Six Senate Democrats Up for Reelection in Red States Skipped Tuesday’s Vote to Play Politics

    51. The Daily Opinion – Lunch

    52. Schumer 2015: “Refugee Ban Necessary” VS. Schumer 2017: “Trump Is Mean.” CRYING!

    53. In Memoriam : GROUCHY FOGIE

    54. Happy Birthday, Franz

    55. “Protesters” continue to make life miserable for as many people as possible…

    56. Will Anthony Weiner be charged with child pornography?

    57. Classless

    58. We are in a soft Civil War in the United States.

    59. Well it looks as though the blackface KKK has gone completely insane, they’re out to kill everybody they can find that is white.

    60. Stephen Powell: The Lord Says, “I Am Unstoppable!” Plus Words for President Trump, New Young Politicians, Israel and China” 


    62. She Seems Nice 

    63. Senator Schumer: Mean-Spirited Hypocrite

    64. King Solomon, Chicago Violence, Drug Folly, Pogo, Post Seven

    65. BIG JOE gets it RIGHT!

    66. Stephen Miller Discusses President Trump Firing Interim AG…

    67. What science says about the brains of Democrats and Republicans

    68. Diaz-Balart: Where was the outrage when Obama blocked Cubans?

    69. Sparks from a Blazing Fire – Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

    70. Snapshots of Our Summer

    71. You’re Fired:

    72. 10 Things Not to Say to an Asian

    73. Pres Donald Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Sally Yates

    74. Prophecy: The Lord Will Shed Light on the Evil Manifesting in America 

    75. Church Leaders denounce Trump’s plan to favor Christian refugees

    76. Pres Donald Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Sally Yates

    77. Quote of the Day

    78. What MSM and Liberals Censorship of Truth on Borders and Violent Illegal Immigrants

    79. Advertisements from long, long ago — ultrasexy menswear edition

    80. Watch SJW “protesters” in Portland knock out Trump supporter while chanting for peace…

    81. 57% of voters approve of President Trump’s temporary halt to refugees and visitors from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen

    82. Temper Tantrums and Calling People Hitler? A Winning Political Strategy?

    83. We limit the Holy One: theunfetteredpreacher

    84. Just a Thought

    85. An Urgent Matter

    86. Cops Are Sick And Tired of Thugs Protesting Trump’s Muslims Ban, This is What They DID… [VIDEO]

    87. HUGE! US Border Agents Just Released Statement On Trump’s Refugee Exec. Order, STUN Everyone

    88. The Harsh Realities of Life

    89. Dear Donald #1

    90. FLASHBACK: Democrats Tried To Block Thousands Of Vietnam War Refugees, Including Orphans 

    91. Those Outraged At Trump Blocking Refugees Didn’t Seem To Care About What Obama Did To Cubans

    92. Trump’s Immigration Order ≠ Hitler

    93. Love is a  fruit

    94. King Solomon, Bee Gees

    95. Facing the GIANT

    96. Congressional Reports….WHAT A BOON FOR US! Will Republicans have the guts?

    97. Jo’s Monday walk : Ribeira de Algibre

    98. Georgia Cancels Winter

    99. VIDEO Team Trump Using MB Obama Policy That Left Media And Soros Protesters Don’t Like

    100. Royal Ambassadors For Christ

    101. REPORT: Witnesses Say Mosque Shooter In Canada Yelled ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’!

    102. Lock me up

    103. Bill Clinton wanted to build a wall – here’s his argument to Congress

    104. Quote of the Day

    105. Reince Priebus destroys hyperventilating liberal media hack Chuck Todd…

    106. Getting Impatient for the Oppression to Start 

    107. Smitty’s drawings and a cold shower


    109. Why Trump is being inaugurated today


    111. Stunning Win – Saudi King Salman Agrees to Support/Finance Safe Zones In Syria and Yemen…

    112. President Trump Releases Statement – U.S. Media Officially Twisted Like Pretzels…

    113. STAMPEDE

    114. Speak to me of Memes….

    115. Department of Homeland Security Responds To Litigation…



    118. Music – One Tin Soldier Performed By Coven

    119. Sanctuary Sheriff Faces Removal From Office For Aiding Criminal Illegals


    121. Trump Is Not Wrong – Election Integrity Can Be Handled Without Congressional Action

    122. Quote of the Day

    123. FedEx driver defends Old Glory

    124. Some beautiful music for Sunday

    125. Happy Caturday — literary edition

    126. George W Bush sings Hallelujah to Donald Trump!…

    127. Beta Males Desperately Latch Onto Third-Wave Feminism Because What Else Have They Got Going for Them 

    128. Epic – Is Team Trump Baiting Liberal Media and Refugee Protesters By Using Obama’s Own Policy?…

    129. California Has Added 4Million Illegal Voters To Their Rolls, Proving Trump Right On Election Fraud

    130. The Mystery Blogger Award!

    131. Believe ye that I am able? theunfetteredpreacher

    132. It’s Almost Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    133. Walking with the pain

    134. Fulfilled Prophecies Things are Falling Together, Not Apart


    136. King Solomon, Chicago Violence, Proverbial Gang Solution? Post Six

    137. START ANEW

    138. I Just Lost A Friend. He Committed Suicide And It Hurts

    139. Six word Saturday

    140. MPQ Tourism announces grand opening of Al Satwa branch in Dubai

    141. Here’s to Knowledge…

    142. Delusional Free Trade Ideology

    143. Cashless Society

    144. Have you encountered any Pinocchio’s

    145. Muslim Brotherhood Ally Falsely Smears Senator to Block Terror Designation Bill

    146. VIDEO In His Time, Abortion And The Bible

    147. Still Here…

    148. The Wife, Wifi Or The €1200 Toilet Brush

    149. America! America! Watch the Sickle Fly!

    150. True Christian Leaders

    151. Russian Reporter: Shocking to See How Biased the US Liberal Media Was Against Donald Trump (VIDEO)

    152. Date Night

    153. Thanks Obama, gave foreign students 180,000 American jobs, cost 32 Billion

    154. Game on: media goes scorched lie

    155. Bannon Bombs Media

    156. Grunt’s Friday Night Movie Micro-Review: The Man from UNCLE(2015)

    157. Quote of the Day

    158. The Writing (and pictures) Are On The Wall

    159. #CalExit Vote Goes Forward

    160. Heh.

    161. There is money available to build the wall

    162. Meaningful Executive Orders from President Trump

    163. Right Angle: The Secret to Trump’s Power…


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      2 thoughts on “The Weekly Headlines

      1. Thank you for including a post about my father on #107. In this age of ‘let’s complain about everything’, I’m glad to still being content to do my research.

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