The Weekly Headlines



  1. Frosted flakes

  2. Pray for Julian Assange

  3. BREAKING: WikiLeaks Offers $20K BOUNTY For Obama Admin Records

  4. Cat Kidnaps Puppies For A Heartwarming Reason (Video)

  5. A fishing trip


  7. Neverland

  8. Ted Kennedy secretly asked the Soviets to be involved in the 1984 election

  9. Schumer recruiting Trump

  10. Garbage In

  11. Quote of the Day

  12. The Anti-Science Mainstreaming of Mental Illness

  13. PJ Watson: The Truth About Depression

  14. Gone fishing

  15. Kellyanne Conway: This is what a real feminist looks like…

  16. Wordless Wednesday

  17. DEAR AMERICA: Megyn Kelly Leaves FOX News For NBC – Do YOU Give A Crap?

  18. Good, Goodbye, By The Way !

  19. Rally ‘Round The Flag: Errol Flynn in VIRGINIA CITY (Warner Brothers 1940)

  20. King Solomon, Chicago Shootings Advice Post One

  21. Vibes, Karma, Affirmations- Testing the Power of Positive Reinforcement!

  22. Common Sense Tuesday


  24. Let’s be friends again!

  25. Tarpon and Pelicans

  26. The Baton

  27. Do you ever use the “J” word in public?

  28. Resolve 2017-Sing a New Song-My Prayer

  29. Angry, Stupid Hollywood Elites Release New Video – Want Americans to ‘StandUpForUs’ and Reject Mr. Trump (VIDEO)

  30. Don’t believe them

  31. She

  32. Valerie Jarrett claims Obama without scandals, let’s look at her corruption

  33. A Tale Of Two Terms

  34. Brits Are Warned About ISIS Chemical Attack

  35. Quote of the Day

  36. Some beautiful music for the tenth day of Christmas

  37. Sean Hannity: Interview with Julian Assange 1/3/2017…

  38. What Trump supporters can learn from this election cycle…

  39. Corrine Barraclough: The Left has absolutely lost the plot, and people like Milo Yiannopoulos have benefited | Daily Telegraph

  40. Why I Prefer Furries to Trannies

  41. Contrasts

  42. Climate Change Cultists Promise to Stop Lying About Fracking

  43. The Year of Whining Liberals

  44. California Has Gone Into The Twilight Zone

  45. Quote of the Day

  46. Good advice

  47. So that No One is deluded

  48. The Obama World of Self-Delusion

  49. The Democrats’ Conspiracy Theory, In Essence

  50. Letting Go of Expectations

  51. Have a very happy New Year

  52. The year to come…

  53. August 1944 (1)

  54. Removing The Mask

  55. St. Basil the Great, 2 January 2017

  56. GET OVER IT!

  57. Sack McCully, English and the whole damn National Party

  58. Mesmerizing reminiscing..

  59. Oberhofen Castle and Thun Lake, Switzerland

  60. With us Still

  61. Articles: Aleppo’s Blood on Obama’s Hands

  62. Book Wisdom: New Year’s Eve

  63. Will we ever learn not to mess with Israel?

  64. Ever Feel Lousy About Yourself?

  65. This president Is NO Friend – 10-Year-Old Girl Used as Human Bomb

  66. Travel Addict

  67. ‘The Year Reheated’

  68. Hockey

  69. EPA Strikes! Dangerous yeast in bread, Alaskans told no more burning wood

  70. Quote of the Day

  71. Happy New Year

  72. Great moments in marriage

  73. Trump in impromptu New Year’s Eve Presser: Don’t trust computers …

  74. Sean Spicer, incoming White House press secretary, is attacked on a Sunday show by sneering MSM host…

  75. One Box For Optimism

  76. 2017 in three words.

  77. Today’s Rant

  78. O autor de uma das fotos mais famosas de todos os tempos capta olhares como ninguém   (The author of one of the most famous photos of all time captures looks like nobody)

  79. Wow! Mariah Carey a Hot Mess – Suffers Epic Meltdown in Times Square New Year’s Eve

  80. Happy 2017!

  81. Daily

  82. Graham – McCain: touring tag team

  83. Interesting Trump, Israel factoid 

  84. NYE Message from UK’s Nigel Farrage

  85. And The Fight Was On!

  86. Quote of the Day

  87. Some beautiful music for the seventh day of Christmas

  88. Happy Caturday — New Year’s Eve edition

  89. Xenophobia and Tinfoil Hats It Is

  90. New Year’s Plans, Comrades?

  91. It’s Been 15 Years and I’m Still Here!

  92. Bad is good, and good is bad (2016 review)

  93. a message to the angry leftists from an American infantryman

  94. TRUMP EFFECT: Look What’s Happening To ‘Sanctuary Cities’ AHEAD Of Trump Taking Office

  95. New Years Eve Sock Hop Saturday

  96. One Last Hug To A Lovely 2016

  97. A Review of 2016 Goals

  98. Obama’s Legacy

  99. Autumn Railroad Bridge, Vermont

  100. Strong and courageous

  101. A Holy New Year’s Resolution!

  102. The Mask

  103. On December 30th


  105. Alan Dershowitz Discusses Keith Ellison as Potential DNC Chairman…

  106. Our Job as Ambassadors

  107. Court Rules Trump ‘Required By Law’ To Pursue Hillary Prosecution

  108. Iowahawk explains Russian “hacking”

  109. A LIBERAL JEW tells the TRUTH? Tie me down!


  111. Puppy Picture

  112. Facing Or Denying Reality in 2017

  113. 2017: A Year of Divine Retribution!

  114. The Left’s Bloody Hands

  115. 2016-Not the Worst Year Ever

  116. John Kerry’s Record of Ugly Betrayals

  117. Daily Travel 2

  118. Happy New Year!

  119. Good Riddance To Obama

  120. Netanyahu, Israelis, And The Harm Obama And His Lackies Have Caused

  121. Quote of the Day

  122. Friday happy dance (plus some beautiful music for the sixth day of Christmas)

  123. The Left cannot be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!

  124. Putin gets the last laugh and makes Odumbo look like the irrelevant fool he is…

  125. Russia calls Obama administration “hapless” and “lame”


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