My Family’s Christmas


This Christmas was strange in a way.  Well, it was something we haven’t did for a long time. We shared memories of the past and people not with us this year. Our traditions went to the wayside as our family begin to dwindle down. The spontaneity of the moment settles in during the day.

You know like letting the kids open their presents.


The kids throwing their presents everywhere.


The adults watching them open the presents. The two pictures below are my sister Reggi and my brother Donnie



Then the wackiness of the day sets in. My nephew, Joshua, doing the Pacifica kids dance in his new Freddie (From the game Five Nights With Freddie) sleeper.


The adults putting together the toys that needed assembly. My brother Donnie, my sister Reggi, my niece Jessica, and my great niece Raven.


My brother Donnie starting on Raven’s Shopkins Lego food court.


My mom needing help with the project of one of Raven’s toys from my niece Jessica. More like she was was trying to play with it.


My nephew-in-law James putting together K-Nex roller coaster for my great nephew Stephen.


Stephen showing off his new Nerf gun.


My great nephew Zedd doing the same as his older brother.


Raven didn’t show any of her toys. She just smiled, lol. (I am sorry the picture is blurry. I am trying to get use to the camera again, Confused smile.)


Before we left the next day, this picture was taken. From the left to the right, Reggi, Donnie, Mom, Me, Joshua.




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