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  1. Friday happy dance

  2. Quote of the Day

  3. “We Three Cats” – A Song For Christmas

  4. A Prophetic Word for those who are disappointed in the results of the election…

  5. How to Travel in the Netherlands Using OV-Chipkaart Public Transport

  6. 2 a.m.

  7. Dear Santa, I Can Explain…

  8. Danger Is Their Business: STUNTS (New Line Cinema 1977)

  9. Change vs discovery

  10. “Easy to read, difficult to put down”…

  11. “The Inn Keeper” by John Piper ~ Christmas Poem

  12. WTH?… Georgia’s Secretary of State: Obama’s DHS Attempted to Breach Our Firewall

  13. Knowing your hate

  14. Pope Francis says that Fake News is a sin

  15. Those messy Trump voters

  16. One liberal from Alabama with style

  17. Godspeed John Glenn

  18. Quote of the Day

  19. Don we now our gay apparel

  20. Another Gay Guy Having a Trump Derangement Meltdown

  21. Obama: Americans Don’t Appreciate Me Because They’re Racist

  22. How To Give

  23. One Man Planned On Killing Himself When He Left His Apartment, Until He Met A Stranger

  24. Enjoy these Heart-Warming stories that will touch your lives and your hearts.

  25. Daily

  26. Slow and Steady Wins the Race: How 1 Habit Change at a Time Will Bring More Success

  27. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Ruth’s Groceries


  29. The Ministry Years 4: He left all: theunfetteredpreacher

  30. British “justice”

  31. Words of Wisdom from Tony Dungy

  32. Quote of the Day

  33. 1000 Bikers Escort A Very Important Semi-Truck

  34. It’s the most wonderful time of the year

  35. Does This Seem Healthy and Well-Ordered?

  36. MSNBC Receiving Massive Viewer Backlash After They Cut The Feed Of A Sheriff Responding To A Murder

  37. loving you each day


  39. Words of Wisdom…

  40. Mom – Gone But Not Forgotten

  41. Do not dissociate Jesus from our common manhood

  42. Populists Cheer as Italy’s Renzi Packs His Bags

  43. Clouds Come Floating

  44. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

  45. There are words and there are words.

  46. MEDIA SILENCE: ISIS Muslim Captured . . . in Detroit . . . With Grenade Launcher and Grenades!

  47. The Trump Effect – Merkel Faces her GRIM FATE as Italy’s Globalist Premier Resigns “I’m Saddened”

  48. The Daily Elf

  49. Obama Legacy

  50. UPDATE: CNN Issues The Gateway Pundit Retraction, Correction Over Fake News Smear

  51. Obama will return land on Okinawa before he leaves office

  52. Fake News Is Obama’s Legacy

  53. The Day That Lives In Infamy

  54. Oh No ! There’s A Blogger (and friend) Down !

  55. Obama’s #PizzaGate Connection Emerged In A 2009 Wikileaks Email

  56. Quote of the Day

  57. Resisting the surveillance state

  58. Stop Crying Or I’ll Give You Something To Cry About

  59. Women’s March on Washington: Are you an individual or a member of the collective?…

  60. December 7, 1941…

  61. Obama Falsely Claims No Terrorist Attacks In America In The Past 8 Years (Video)

  62. VMI toughens up our next gen of military leaders with therapy dogs and coloring books…

  63. Christmas Letter for the Gleaner Readers

  64. When Arrogant, Out-Of-Touch Liberal Bigots Attack

  65. The Sixth Branch of the US Military

  66. New York City has intentionally caused the traffic nightmare

  67. Mean and nasty Dems discuss their nasty campaign

  68. Quote of the Day

  69. Snotty, smug, supercilious, spiteful, smirking people of no consequence mock Ben Carson…

  70. 22 People and Organizations That NEED to be on Donald Trump’s Christmas List

  71. Trump Derangement Syndrome Cripples Brave Woman

  72. Shut Up, Madge

  73. Help When The Rug Gets Pulled Out From Under You

  74. Now That’s God

  75. Did you get something to eat yet sir?

  76. Oakland Fire….hideous malfeasance

  77. Last world leader standing: The photo that shows just how much the world has changed in 2016

  78. Nancy Pelosi ‘American people don’t want a new direction’

  79. Advertisers and Patriots – Beware Only Two Months Are Left Yet Liberals Are Doubling Down On Media

  80. Quote of the Day

  81. Easy Like Sunday Morning

  82. That’s What I’ve Been Trying to Tell You

  83. Dutch Government Watchdog: Death Threats Against Gays Are OK If Mohammedans Make Them

  84. Lessons In Leadership From General James Mattis…

  85. Senate Majority Leader McConnell Against Free Speech – Surrendering FCC to Obama

  86. Lefty central planners

  87. On time and under budget

  88. Why Is Obama and His Liberal Friends in a Flap Over Taiwan

  89. Lt. Gen. Boykin Gives “Mad Dog” Thumbs Up

  90. Quote of the Day

  91. Happy Caturday — dashing through the snow edition

  92. Hilarious Trump Christmas Parody “It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years” (Video)

  93. Gay Republican: “Trump’s SecEd Had My Back.”


  95. FAKE NEWS? You Mean Like ‘Media EXPERTS’ Telling Us, ‘Trump CAN’T Win?’

  96. I’m in a New York State of Mind

  97. Narcs-R-Us

  98. King Solomon, Obama Revealing Words, Folly?

  99. Brilliant – Howard Dean Drops Out of DNC Race Paving Way for Keith Ellison…

  100. Wedding Playlist Suggestions 4

  101. Ugandan Archbishop Has No Idea He Just Made Things Worse for Ugandan Men by Urging Wives to Stop Beating their Husbands

  102. Quiet Conversations

  103. A Time For Sharing And Giving

  104. Myanmar – or Burma ?

  105. What are they really afraid of?

  106. NY Time’s David Carr: “Middle Places” Home Of “Low-Sloping Foreheads”

  107. Mika Brzezinski On Elizabeth Warren: “I Am Getting Tired Of This Act”

  108. Kellogg Thinks BLM Is GR-R-REAT !

  109. Jill Stein Received Some Serious Blows This Week

  110. Rule 41 Changes In Effect December 1, 2016 – Matter of Government Hacking vs Privacy

  111. Blame It On Christmas

  112. America Will Be Great Again Despite All the Nattering Nabobs of Negativity

  113. General James Mattis…Mad Dog ROCKS

  114. Can the Left Ever Move Beyond Hate?

  115. Even the Sun is smiling at a Trump victory…

  116. Dakota Access Pipeline Remarks North Dakota Senator John Hoeven Floor of the U.S. Senate November 30, 2016


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