The Weekly Headlines


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  1. Instant Pot -Black Friday Deal at Amazon Save $60.00 – FREE SHIPPING…

  2. Friday happy dance

  3. Stop Blaming the Russians…

  4. Tiny Boy Hands Him A Special List. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Marine’s Left Hand… 

  5. So, You Think You Know Everything ???

  6. Rockin’ in the Film World #9: JIMI HENDRIX: ELECTRIC CHURCH (2015)

  7. Mika Brzezinski On Elizabeth Warren: “I Am Getting Tired Of This Act”

  8. Quote of the Day

  9. Pinpricks of light amid the darkness

  10. Live Stream: President Elect Donald J. Trump Thank You Rally, Cincinnati, OH – 7:00pm ET…

  11. Leftist Hypocrisy, It’s What’s for Breakfast

  12. If It Weren’t For Double Standards…

  13. Break Out the Pudding

  14. King Solomon, USA Flag Burning

  15. Canadian-Chinese in the C.B.I. 1944-45

  16. Wisdom Wednesday

  17. Enjoying Life

  18. VIDEO No American Politician Is Safe Thanks to Gov. Brown’s Calexit Cartel

  19. DRUDGE REPORT: Megyn Kelly May Leave FOX News

  20. Thought police out to destroy T.V. Christian couple Chip and Joanna on H.& G.

  21. The Pundit’s Paradox: Matt Lewis’ dangerous allegory

  22. What are Democrats to do? “Resistance” everything

  23. Why Romney?

  24. Quote of the Day

  25. Advertisements from long, long ago — holiday edition

  26. Trump trumps the MSM and makes them irrelevant…

  27. Psychoanalyze This

  28. “Urgent Word! Chuck Pierce and Cindy Jacobs Call for Urgent Prayer Over the Electoral College Process in the USA” Plus “We’re in a Short 10-Year Window”

  29. Flag Burning

  30. Will Self: Are humans evolving beyond the need to tell stories?

  31. Joining Twitter

  32. Dancers – Behind The Scenes

  33. November Wrap Up

  34. Haiku #174

  35. The biggest loser!

  36. As long as you’re by my side

  37. Lonely Author Vacation

  38. My people.

  39. Wordless Wednesday

  40. I Finally Crossed Scuba Diving Off My Bucket List

  41. Things You Should Know When Reading a Cosmetic Label – Part 1

  42. Evening Meditation 11-29-16

  43. Estonia – Final impression

  44. WOW! #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Who Blocked A Virginia Highway Sentenced To JAIL

  45. Obama picks up Somali ‘Refugees’ from around the world

  46. Drag Queen Shi-Queeta Lee live streams performance at the White House

  47. Students choose Castro over Trump

  48. Assange After Thirty Days Of Silence

  49. Quote of the Day

  50. Reptile dysfunction

  51. Warning: This live feed could be dangerous to your schedule…

  52. Trump helps save 1000 Carrier jobs in Indiana

  53. Tyranny of the Mentally Ill

  54. God of the Past


  56. Come unto Me All who are Weary | Your New Life In Christ Ministries-CWW7NEWS

  57. The 5 Most Painful Leaders to be Around


  59. Tribute to Twain

  60. Wisconsin Insider on Recount: Expect MASSIVE DNC Voter Fraud to be Exposed

  61. Embarrassed to be a Canadian

  62. Social Media Wolves Going for the Throat of Donald Trump’s 10-year-old

  63. Quote of the Day

  64. Blinded by the Light

  65. Random Violence in Buckeye Country

  66. No Further Comment Needed

  67. Rego Park

  68. Castro, and the Reaction

  69. Motivational Monday Moment – 11/28/16

  70. You are accountable for YOUR actions

  71. BECOMING A LEADER (guest post)

  72. Kellyanne Conway….goner?

  73. Want to Trigger some lefties?

  74. Polls a big part of West’s political problems

  75. Yup! Christmas is nexxxxxxxt!

  76. VIDEO American Revivals: Key to Shaping America and U.S. History

  77. Tragic Blindness

  78. ONE THOUSAND VETERANS Swarm Liberal Hampshire College After Removal of US Flag (VIDEO)

  79. Kellyanne Conway Lets Loose on Mitt Romney, Talks of Grassroots Betrayal

  80. Clinton battles Russian hacking of voting machines not hooked up to the Internet

  81. Morning in Kooba? — Not in forecast

  82. Quote of the Day

  83. How The Sanctuary Cities Are Fairing After Thanksgiving

  84. Yorktown

  85. First Sunday of Advent…

  86. If You Really Believe Mike Pence Wants to Electrocute Gay Teenagers, You’re an Idiot

  87. Social Justice Wankers Determined to Ruin Absolutely Everything

  88. Dance Mash-Up

  89. Brrr it’s cold again

  90. Snippet of The Day 11.27.16

  91. Chichén Itzá. In a Shadow of Feathered Serpent / W cieniu pierzastego węża.

  92. You should be here

  93. Breaking news from Mario Murillo Ministries

  94. MADE THE BEAUTY:Cities 2: PRAGUE – Czech Republic (Art and beauty Images for you-16-)

  95. Circuits down but the word is good

  96. If We Were Having Coffee on the 27th of November

  97. Monsters, Mean People, and Orcs

  98. They Never Quit

  99. Is Age Just a Number?


  101. Lost and Broken

  102. Pungent

  103. You Are Mighty, You Are Strong

  104. Fake News Is Not the Only Problem

  105. This Ohio pizzeria knows what Thanksgiving is all about

  106. Never Stop Believing

  107. Reactions Run Amuck


  109. French TV bans video of Down Syndrome Kids so not to offend Pro-Abortion women

  110. Quote of the Day

  111. Happy Caturday — cat shaming edition

  112. Make America Great Again or Make America More Like Cuba

  113. I spared you the new leader of “most punchable of faces™ for Thanksgiving…

  114. CASTRO’S DEAD: Hollywood, Kaepernick & Snowflakes On Suicide Watch

  115. Estonia – Medieval Tallinn

  116. Rockin’ in the Film World #8: BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (20th Century Fox 1970)

  117. Snippet of The Day 11.26.16

  118. Note to self…Nov. 26th

  119. These Are Facts

  120. Loving me will not be easy.

  121. How Can I Reduce Nasal Mucus?

  122. How Many Carbs Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight? 

  123. Sodium in Your Diet: Use the Nutrition Facts Label and Reduce Your Intake

  124. King Solomon, Lowest Abortion Update

  125. Richard Rorty….amazing prophet?

  126. Sunset at Hilton Hawaiian Village

  127. Six word Saturday


  129. The Right Keys

  130. Green Party Fleeces Sheeple and Files for Recount in Wisconsin…

  131. VIDEO Trump Voters -> Support Dutch Donald Trump Geert Wilders! – A Word To The Criminal Migrant

  132. I Don’t Know What Happened

  133. Estonia – Visiting Tallinn

  134. “The leaves fall as a call to autumn.”

  135. The Walrus Said

  136. Spelling

  137. Tale of two maps

  138. Awaiting Mitt Romney’s apology tour

  139. Quote of the Day

  140. A Milestone…

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