The Weekly Headlines



  1. All Babies

  2. America – Pray for President Trump

  3. Paul Ryan…budget

  4. Things I like about Melania Trump

  5. Grateful Quotes

  6. MLK Jr.’s Niece BLASTS Liberals for Calling Trump’s Cabinet Picks “Racist”!

  7. Sorry, Not Today

  8. Plenty Valenti, Feminist Culinarian

  9. Hunter Shoots Rainbow Unicorn; Social Media Goes Insane

  10. Wistful

  11. Has it really been a year?

  12. Words of Wisdom from a Cartoon Character–Or, Reminders of the Meaning of the Season

  13. The Deviled Inside

  14. Giving Thanks

  15. Gender equal Stockholm snow removal leaves the city paralyzed

  16. Romney: yea or nay?

  17. Political overload: it’s everywhere

  18. Happy Thanksgiving !

  19. Thought for Today – Thanksgiving

  20. Some beautiful music for Thanksgiving Day

  21. Quote of the Day

  22. Thanksgiving 2016!

  23. Trump finally certified winner in Michigan…

  24. That Was Then, This Is Now (Again)

  25. The PC Thanksgiving Sketch

  26. Jeff Sessions-May prosecute Sanctuary Cities

  27. The Age of the Idiot

  28. “Mad Dog” Mattis for SECDEF?

  29. Happy Thanksgiving

  30. Just a friendly reminder

  31. Happy Thanksgiving

  32. Stocking the Cabinet of Deployable

  33. Happy Thanksgiving Quote of the Day

  34. James Wesley Rawles: Are we still headed for a collapse? …

  35. Thanksgiving…

  36. A Workable Compromise on ABC

  37. Zac’s Father

  38. Win Learn Win Learn… Mindset is everything

  39. Number of Hamilton stars haven’t voted in YEARS despite clash with vice president-elect Mike Pence over his political persuasions

  40. My Wonderful Six Week Holiday From Blogging. Ha !

  41. How to Live When You Want to Save the World

  42. Crazy. Naughty. No.

  43. Obama’s coverup of the dirty stinking Iranian deal deepens

  44. Dershowitz abolishes Bannon fears

  45. Asshat Alert: Batears Mewls Again… er, Still

  46. Dear Whiners

  47. Quote of the Day

  48. Why is no one questioning the “Trump “Exploded” At Media Execs During Off-The-Record Meeting: “It Was A F–king Firing Squad” story??…

  49. Trump Takes On the Democrat-Media Complex

  50. Trump, Starbucks, Pence and Hamilton (new news)…Leftwing lunacies

  51. Jessie

  52. Lord, It’s You To Whom I Pray

  53. Justice! Chicago Thugs Who Attacked Trump Supporter Being Charged!

  54. Kellyanne Conway to CNN anchor about Trump’s tweeting: “Why do you care?”

  55. Obama eyes taking control of the Arctic, adding to Monuments Act

  56. Message to the Whinny Left and Democrats

  57. Unexpectedly, In Wake of Hillary’s Defeat, Donations to Clinton Foundation Dry Up

  58. “Trump Mafia” from YouTube: No Editorial Comment Required

  59. Quote of the Day

  60. In your face

  61. President-Elect Donald J.Trump speaks directly to the citizens…

  62. Trump puts out a video outlining his first 100 days

  63. Baffled Left-Wing Journalist Discovers Gay Trump Supporter


  65. WATCH: Supermodel MOCKS Melania During AMA – Gets BRUTAL Backlash!

  66. Links To Some Uplifting Posts (11-21-2015)

  67. Myths and Legends: John Ford’s MY DARLING CLEMENTINE (20th Century Fox 1946)

  68. We are more than conquerors!

  69. Roots

  70. Rock Your World With Peace

  71. Moats….

  72. Troops Return Favor To ‘Hug Lady’ Battling Cancer

  73. the dark or the light?

  74. Censorship ~ Did you ever wonder who blacked out those letters?

  75. What Is Happiness?

  76. Sunday Thoughts

  77. This personifies my blog’s work: FOR TRUTH IN MEDIA

  78. Monday laughs

  79. Walking in an artist’s footsteps

  80. Jo’s Monday walk : Flamboyant Autumn at Easby Abbey



  83. Maybe Obama Should

  84. Quote of the Day

  85. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  86. The Quotes of Steven Wright:

  87. Stevie Van Zandt Calls Out Cast of Hamilton For Bullying Its Audience 

  88. King Solomon, Hamilton Cast Meshuggener?


  90. School Daze

  91. Emotions Are Contagious – Be Happy

  92. CHARLIE DANIELS To Republican Party: “It’s Time To Cowboy Up!” | Conservative Angle

  93. The Big Deception and the Big Lie! † His Kingdom Prophecy

  94. Donald Trump Supporters Call for ‘Hamilton’ Boycott in Defense of Mike Pence

  95. Facts of Frogfish, A Magical Creature from the Sea

  96. Good News for Life

  97. Quality Matters to God

  98. Trump’s Amazing Victory Against A Stacked Deck – Ethicists” insist on fortune makeover

  99. Break The Wall

  100. Sunlight Dancing

  101. Egyptian President El-SiSi: “Don’t jump to conclusions” on President Trump…

  102. Estonia – Narva Castle

  103. Hold my hand

  104. Top Twenty Election Night Losers

  105. Sunday Respite – Tibetan Chant

  106. Waters (D-CA): I’m “Appalled” At Wall Street’s Reaction To Election

  107. Federal judge dismisses attempt to force vote on Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland

  108. Happy Caturday — basket case edition

  109. Product Review: The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker…

  110. Tucker Carlson GRILLS Jonathan Allen On Jeff Sessions Being Racist…

  111. Most Important post of the day

  112. Emerging into Clarity and Freedom

  113. Saturday Stuff

  114. Mitt Romney Exits Meeting With Donald Trump and Mike Pence (video)…

  115. victory

  116. 40 Days of Hope-Day 9

  117. Big words…

  118. Triple Railroad Tunnel, Xiapu, China

  119. Trump; children, and others who now feel the president needs lecturing:

  120. Invisible Disability

  121. Six Word Saturday

  122. Jeff Sessions, Mike Flynn, Mike Pompeo?…

  123. Armor of God | The Life Project

  124. Prayer For Healing Of America | Pure Glory

  125. Alone

  126. Morgan to millennials: Stop whining!

  127. Looking for a middle ground..

  128. There it is,

  129. Twitter purges “alt-right” after Trump’s win

  130. Obama lectures live from Germany

  131. Thought for Today

  132. The Change Is Already In Motion

  133. Quote of the Day

  134. Friday happy dance

  135. Last Person In World How Should Be Telling Trump To Get Serious Tells Trump To Get Serious

  136. A little Fun For A Friday

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