The Weekly Headlines



  1. Quote of the Day

  2. Wanted: Mighty Men & Women of Valor

  3. 40 Days of Hope-Day 4

  4. THE KILLING FIELD ~ Jason Cushman

  5. The Change

  6. Hope-But God

  7. Black Veteran And Trump Supporter

  8. Dream

  9. Child of God

  10. Follow Your Dreams. Go To Bed.

  11. Bitterness Becomes You

  12. Unity of All Things

  13. VIDEO The Take Down of George Soros Has Begun

  14. Backlash After De Blasio Staffer Posts ‘F*** WHITENESS’ Photo

  15. Pre Code Confidential #8: Barbara Stanwyck in BABY FACE (Warner Brothers 1933)

  16. Obama sets new record in ‘Rules and Regulations’ -527 pages in one day

  17. Quote of the Day

  18. Vive la différence

  19. Pinpricks of light amid the darkness

  20. Obama stumbles, um’s and ah’s his way through a presser with Angela Merkel while trashing Trump. More on Megyn Kelly, Hillary Clinton, and the dishonest press…

  21. RESET.. an Apostolic and Prophetic Moment

  22. “Climate of Hate” update


  24. Ok guys,

  25. My Greatest Fear

  26. The “Hell Fire Club”

  27. Remember Tommy?

  28. CRIME and PARTY!

  29. Stand up

  30. Tough decisions, Revolving doors & Fear

  31. Turn That Frown Upside Down With ANCHORS AWEIGH (MGM 1945)

  32. Yep


  34. Trump Immigration Architect – The Wall Will Be Built and There Will Be No Free Passes…

  35. The electoral college only becomes racist and sexist after a Republican wins

  36. Is Media Finally Rebelling Against PC Grinches

  37. Quote of the Day

  38. Appearances can be deceiving

  39. Trump has Failed Me. I Hang My Head in Shame…

  40. The Craigslist ads read: “STOP TRUMP – up to $1500…

  41. Washington Post: “Hillary Lost Because of the States, So Let’s Abolish Them.”

  42. CEO makes a death threat; is then shocked by death threats

  43. Snippet of The Day 11.15.16

  44. Some Random Thoughts And Assorted Stuff

  45. The Hookup On: Free Graze Box!

  46. WHAT? I’M NO TART!

  47. The Christ Came to Cause Division | Your New Life In Christ Ministries-CWW7NEWS

  48. Office Politics in the Workplace

  49. The First 100 Days

  50. Don’t Out Anger Me

  51. Mother of son killed by illegal blasts sanctuary cities

  52. The Weekly Headlines: My Daily Musings

  53. There’s gratitude for you

  54. Who’s the Leading Contender for Anti-Semite, White Supremacist, Homophobic, Alt Right Leader, and Very Dangerous Person™?…

  55. Hillary Supporters – You aren’t “Educated,” You are Stupid

  56. The Steve Bannon kerfuffle

  57. Do You Think This Is True?


  59. Early Edition

  60. King Solomon, Why Dems Lost?

  61. Principles

  62. Dear Sister

  63. Democrats lose one more State Legislature won’t be able to stop Constitutional Amendments

  64. Crying

  65. I have had Enough of Media and Liberal Backlash

  66. Quote of the Day

  67. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb

  68. The Best Part Is When the Left Mocks Itself

  69. If you tweet jokes about killing Trump, the Secret Service will find you

  70. Madurodam: The Netherlands in Mini-World

  71. Oaths and Christians

  72. Leon Russell…a Tribute

  73. Country mice and city mice

  74. July 1944 (1)

  75. King Solomon, Love Protesters?

  76. Talking about Computer and Laptop

  77. Congratulations to Donald Trump!

  78. Obama races to import far East ‘refugees’ before Trump comes to town

  79. Elections And Idiots… MSM Arrogance

  80. Immigration News From Canada (sorta)

  81. As the European Establishment is Panicked by Trump, a Renewed Populism Blossoms

  82. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  83. Protester grabs sign from Trump supporter, gets MACED (Video)

  84. Mr. Sulu Sets Phasers to Dumb

  85. Leftism can make you suicidal

  86. Sunday Talks: Jake Tapper -vs- Paul Ryan

  87. Nigel Farage Greets The President Elect…

  88. King Solomon, 2016 Political Campaign Theme Song

  89. Another happy day.

  90. Sunday – ‘Hallelujah’

  91. Trey Gowdy Warning to Democrats on Law

  92. One Last Vacation For Pinhead

  93. Quote of the Day

  94. Happy Caturday

  95. Just a Couple Quick Points

  96. Domestic Terrorists on the Left Riot and Fear for Their Lives? Facts vs Feelings…

  97. Hitler Finds Out Hillary Lost election! (Video)

  98. PATRIOTS: Are YOU Scared Of LIBERALS Starting A ‘CIVIL WAR?’

  99. Power of encouragement


  101. And Now a Few Words from Hillary Clinton … 


  103. Winter Stream, Finland

  104. Six word Saturday

  105. Best article yet on Trump’s election:

  106. Just Some Saturday Fun

  107. New Zealand – the theft of a country:

  108. Michael Rodgers must not get a cabinet job, look at his wife’s defense interests

  109. Here we go with Dems’ mind games

  110. Throwing Comey Under The Bus

  111. United Nations Tipped Their Hand In Anticipation Of A Clinton Win

  112. Why The UN Needed The US To Release ICANN

  113. Mark Zuckerberg says it’s ‘crazy’ to think fake news stories got Donald Trump elected

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