Hey, Quit Calling Me a Bigot!!!

Truth in Palmyra

Well, here it is folks, my one and only political post. Honestly, being the under educated, backwoods, cave dwelling fundie that I am, I mostly for years now have given barely two happy hoots about politics for the most part. I try to act as a good citizen in my country, and yes I participate in our political process. I even voted in this year’s presidential election: Go Darrel Castle!

Apparently people are pretty torqued about the results of this election, as from what I understand there are protests in the streets, and a number of famous folks have said they plan to leave the country. To group one: morons. To group two: buh bye and may I help you pack?

I only have one point to make here, so I shall make it and go back to my bunker. I suspect I am about to irritate a lot of…

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