The Legend Of The First Governor’s Mansion Of Indiana (Repost)


You know how people say a place is haunted but it turns out to be something else. We have one of those places here in Indiana. It was our first Governor’s Mansion in Indianapolis. They said the governor’s mansion was haunted but it turn out to be something else. Read the story and find out what the haunting was.

The Legend Of The First Governor’s Mansion Of Indiana

120px-Indiana_governors_mansion1825 (1)

The first haunted house in Indianapolis was the first governor’s mansion. It was built in 1829 on Monument Circle.

No Governor ever lived there though. The first Governor that was offered to live there was James Ray. He however declined because his wife didn’t want people to see her washing hanging on the line outside.

The mansion was however was put to good use as offices of Supreme Court Judges. Judge Isaac Blackford rewrote the Indiana Code in the building. For a time the mansion was used as a State Library and as a State Bank.

After awhile the first Governor’s Mansion was left vacant. Like all old house after time, the mansion began to deteriorate. Tramps slept in the mansion. Ladies of the night were said to use the rooms. Who knows what else went on in the mansion.

People of Indianapolis started to stay from the mansion. Rumors began to spread of the place was haunted. Some people imaged sounds and eerie shadows coming from within the mansion. There was one report of a headless entity going by a window from inside.

On a cold night in November, some kids were around the mansion, a youth named Aaron Ohr and friends. The friends were taunting Aaron to go inside the house and capture the ghost. Aaron gave in after a while and went inside the mansion.

Aaron’s friends soon heard a racket, thumping, and sounds like someone being strangled coming from inside. They were getting ready to run when they saw Aaron come from the mansion. Aaron was holding the ghost in his hand. It was the largest, mean looking turkey ever caught in Indianapolis.

By the way, the ghost was cooked for dinner at Aaron’s house on Thanksgiving Day. In 1870, the first Governor’s Mansion demolished.

I hope you enjoy this legend from my home state of Indiana.

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