The Weekly Headlines


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  1. Happy Caturday

  2. Let’s Talk About Classic Food Products because I can’t stomach one more “Hillary is Sick” post…

  3. Mid Afternoon Meditation 9-30-16

  4. DEAR RIOTERS: Black Mom & Lover KILLED Her 6yr. Son – What Time Is Your ‘PROTEST?’

  5. When English majors protest

  6. FBI Comey got millions from Clinton Foundation Defense Contractor

  7. Trump up post debate

  8. What Obama’s internet ‘giveaway’ is really about

  9. Sheriff Clarke Takes Down Rowdy, Drunken Passenger on NC-Bound Flight

  10. Dozens Want To Adopt Dog Caught On Camera Escaping Animal Shelter

  11. #share4adoption

  12. What is the National Anthem for the NEW NATION of GOD?

  13. Juanita Broaddrick to Chelsea : “Your parents are not good people”

  14. NFL ratings tank as protests continue

  15. Suffering from burnout

  16. Hillary Clinton and her pal Miss Universe comes with lots of baggage

  17. Dutch fed up with creeping Islam

  18. Comey Clinton connections

  19. Clintons and Liberal Media Probably Hope This Doesn’t Get Out Now Before Election

  20. Quote of the Day

  21. Was Hillary sending hand signals to Lester Holt during the debate?…

  22. ‘Suspicious package’ forces evacuation of Charlotte police HQ

  23. I VOTED

  24. Trump: “comfort” to our enemies?

  25. Pray for Donald Trump Without Ceasing!

  26. Lester Holt impersonates Candy Crowley

  27. Backfire: first 2016 prez debate

  28. Hungary to rescue Christians

  29. Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

  30. Deadly pathogens repeatedly dispatched by U.S. labs to unsecure sites – CDC Again In News

  31. Quote of the Day

  32. The debate on the debate…

  33. Bronx Drug Lab Explosion Kills Fireman; 12 Others Hurt

  34. Jeb Bush to lecture at Harvard

  35. FBI Director warns of a massive ‘terrorist diaspora like we’ve never seen before’ as ISIS flee Syria to attack the West

  36. Deepavali light !

  37. Clinton, Trump and the Curse of the Cubs

  38. We’re Better Than You

  39. 3 quotes about contentment.

  40. This Is Why Hillary Wasn’t Charged [VIDEO]

  41. VIDEO Black Radio Host Posts EPIC Takedown of MB Obama and the Media

  42. Break the Cycle

  43. A Warm Welcome at Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding, California

  44. Should I be Concerned?

  45. The DEBATE

  46. Adultery

  47. A spark in the Darkness.

  48. Fiery Trails

  49. Collecting moments

  50. For my chicken grandma

  51. It’s geek to me

  52. Trump releases super ad just before the debate- Do you really need to ask?

  53. Tech libs restless in Silicon Valley

  54. Look, Up In The Sky…..

  55. Quote of the Day

  56. Debate night…

  57. LeBron James says he respects Colin Kaepernick but will …

  58. Stunningly Brave – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Union Endorses Donald Trump…

  59. Charlotte Riot Crowd Shooter Confesses To Police…

  60. I Hear There’s Going to be a Debate…

  61. Sneakers On

  62. The Show Must Go On

  63. How to prevent dry skin with Organic Macadamia Oil?

  64. The smelly toilet

  65. Grandma’s Prayers

  66. The blessed mourner

  67. Jo’s Monday walk : A Royal Odyssey

  68. Watching the DEBATE? MULL it over..

  69. THE TITHE (guest post)

  70. “On the East Side of Eden” published in the Blue Nib

  71. May 1944 (2)

  72. With any luck they will hang the Bastard

  73. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  74. HildaBeast Fan Club

  75. Our Daily Outrage

  76. Quote of the Day

  77. MSM declares Hillary winner of tomorrow’s debate…

  78. stats

  79. Snippet of The Day 09.24.16

  80. Boldly Going Indeed! : PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW (MGM 1971)

  81. Former Clinton Mistress Gennifer Flowers Accepts Trump’s Invitation to sit FRONT ROW at the Debate!

  82. Finding the Passion Again

  83. Here’s who Trump should get to sing at his inauguration

  84. Fishing

  85. My Baby’s Gone

  86. Oh – – Hummmm

  87. Manhunt Ends – Turkish Muslim Arrested For Washington State Mall Shooting – Five Dead…

  88. I am not in Control

  89. The testimony of Jesse of Open Air Outreach

  90. On a personal note:  theunfetteredpreacher

  91. Stopping the Nation-Killing Machine

  92. Confessions of a Blogger

  93. London Livng or is it London Surviving?!

  94. Stuff this, I’m doing my own poll.

  95. Poll: Half of Australians Want to Ban Muslim Immigration

  96. My take on Trump and the media

  97. I’m shocked,just shocked

  98. Guy is right, Obama finds him insulting

  99. Trump’s Special Guest at Monday Debate

  100. Quote of the Day

  101. If Your Car Is Surrounded By A Rioting Gang Of Thugs What Do You Do?

  102. The Don Is Right … The Race Is Rigged!

  103. Ted Cruz: When it’s not okay to follow your conscience…

  104. Clinton, Trump no longer making trips to Charlotte following mayor’s request

  105. Stale Manna

  106. New Zealand “justice”:

  107. Friday happy dance

  108. Quote of the Day

  109. Woman Shoots at 3 Invaders During Home Invasion in Georgia

  110. Cruz to back Trump…stay tuned

  111. The Chickens Come Home

  112. Ted Cruz endorses Donald Trump…

  113. Ready to Move to Canada, Eh?

  114. Trump Meets with Egyptian President, Al Sisi…

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